Yoga … and Puppies?!

“When your day starts with puppy yoga, everything else seems pretty darn boring”.
This was one of the quotes from a participant today at The Barbell Academy!
The Barbell Academy, Namaste North Yoga, Lululemon Barrie and Saje Wellness were happy to organize 2 yoga-with-puppy classes. As a sell-out crowd of 60 people did yoga, puppies ran around their feet while others napped in their laps.
The event raised $1620, and a huge amount of much-needed supplies including food, leashes, poop bags, and treats were donated as well. Thank you for organizing this event and allowing FTH to raise awareness by speaking about what the rescue does.

We’re so pleased that the Barbell Academy and FTH have created a lasting partnership so stay tuned for these events to be held a few times a year!