Wahgoshig Spay and Neuter Clinic:

Our crew headed up Friday August 28 to Wahgoshig First Nations (52kms east of Matheson) to work a spay/neuter clinic. Jean Nadon was our contact there who asked for our help in their community.

Dr. Van Veen performing surgery and Lydia assisting

The crew arrived and set up and the first surgery started at 4:00pm that day. We were able to achieve 11 spays/neuters that evening with the help of Dr. Pauline Van Veen from Barrie Veterinary Hospital as well as Katrina, Ian and Lydia, our vet techs. We made it to bed at 12:00pm that evening.




Up and at ’em at 8:30 the next morning and worked our tails off to complete 23 (that is a record) that day working well into the night again. We met amazing, caring dog owners who were just looking to stop the over population and dog fights when a dog goes into heat. They were thrilled to receive a new collar and leash that fit their dog and treats thanks to all of our amazing supporters.

krista with a golden dog Tired dogs lying on a mat recovering from surgery Katrina and one of the dogs

Sunday we were back at it to finish the day and completed 7 more surgeries.

Lisa feeding a black dogThere was one male that Jean was telling us about that she said “always starred at her in a scary way” when she looked at him but we wanted to neuter him. Sunday morning driving to the clinic there he was and I jumped out of the car with treats and managed to pet this guy. Later in the morning Jean managed to “man up” and leash this guy and in he came walking with almost a smile on his face to see us tail wagging.


A man with his dog at the spay clinic

According to Jean, we have spayed/neutered 95% of the dog population there! What an amazing feeling! They also surrendered 2 litters of pups to us to bring south. They treated us to a delicious pot luck to end the day and community members came to thank the crew.

Carrie holding a white puppy Aileen cuddling a yellow dog







A huge thank you again to all our supporters for helping us help Wahgoshig make a safer community for them as well as for the dogs and also to our amazing vet team Dr. Pauline van Veen, Ian, Lydia and Katrina!

Group picture of Krista, Lisa, Katrina, Carrie, Ian, Ludia, Dr. Van Veen, Darcy, Aileen and Jean

Krista, Lisa, Katrina, Carrie, Ian, Ludia, Dr. Van Veen, Darcy, Aileen and Jean