Talented Photographers Help Out

A few months ago we put the call out (as we so often do) for volunteers. But this time we needed kindhearted, talented individuals with a specific talent: we were searching for photographers. To say the Finding Them Homes family rose to the challenge would be an understatement. Six!! hugely talented photographers came onboard to help us capture the unique essence and beauty of our adoptable personalities in pictures. While our fosters do a fantastic job caring for our dogs while they await their furever homes, it can be incredibly difficult to capture a photo of a dog that truly does them justice. We’ve found that since transitioning to traditional “head shot” style photos, dogs have been spending less and less time in foster care before being adopted, giving us the opportunity to rescue even more dogs!

If you’ve ever tried to capture a great photo of your dog, you know that it’s no easy feat. Even assuming you’ve got the equipment to do so, dogs are generally too busy loving life to smile for a camera. Great pet pictures tend to be few and far between. With our team of photographers, we now have experienced professionals who know just how to capture the moment that make a family say “that one.”

So to our team of talented photographer volunteers, thank you. Your skills and talents are helping us find dogs families and minimize their time in foster care. Your services have quickly become crucial to our process and we couldn’t imagine not having you on our team.

If anyone would like to check out more of their work, we have included their information below.

If you are interested in seeing how you can help, please click Contribute at the top of the page. All adoptable dogs can be viewed by clicking Available.

Again, a huge thank you to not only our photography team but to everyone who helps in any way (big or small) to make FTH the successful rescue it has become!

Meet the FTH Volunteer photography team:

Jessica Copeland

Website:  www.photosbyjess.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaCopelandPhotography

Instagram: @jessica_copeland_photography