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Have you ever wished you could “kill two birds one stone ?” Now, we don’t mean that literally, of course.

What if you wanted to help your favourite rescue but weren’t able to foster, or adopt, or volunteer ? And what if you also wanted to wear some very comfortable and stylish clothing, or advertise the rescue in some other way?

Well, this is where you could achieve both at the same time. Finding Them Homes has some very nice clothing for men AND women, and not only that but also other ‘SWAG’ such as licence plate frames, baseball caps, doggie water bottles, stickers, etc and we’ve posted photos of all the items here for you to see.

So – you can look stylish in some FTH swag while supporting the work of the rescue at the same time. See – ‘killing two birds with one stone!”

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Tank Tops




To order your own Finding Them Homes swag today, please email Finding Them Homes  to arrange pick up in Barrie!

Be sure to not miss out – all swag items are limited quantities and while quantities last!

Thank you for supporting Finding Them Homes!


Not seeing what you like with our available swag in Barrie?

Check out our external site HERE with some more options!