One Man’s Trash…

June 9 th was a busy day for fundraising at Finding Them Homes! On top of our annual ball
tournament, we also hosted our annual garage sale at St Pete’s high school in Barrie.
We were joined by the following vendors:
Scentsy with Nicole Mortelliti
Jennifer Ulhman
Lavender & Lemons
Evergreen & Mustard
Sticks & Stones
Thee Place for Paws
D.A.T.S. Quilting Studio
Pauline Van Veen and Rachel Babcock of VCA Barrie Vet Hospital
Sharon Cerswell
Enchanted Tales

Fox’s bakery was also kind enough to provide buns for the event!

Huge props goes out to team Beauchesne for providing not only coffee, but a whole team of volunteers.

To everyone who participated, whether by donating, pricing, setting up, running the event, or just doing some shopping, thank you! This is one of the most ambitious fundraising events we put on each year and we are dependent on your participation to make it successful. As with the baseball tournament, we are still counting, so stay tuned to find out just how much all your efforts raised!

And if you missed out on donating treasures to this sale, don’t panic! Before you know it we’ll be collecting donations for our next silent auction! Stay tuned…

Just as we went to press we got the final tally from all the garage sale-related events (bake sale, vendor donations, garage sale items, BBQ, etc) and we’re really happy to report that  $3,848.70 was raised ! As with every FTH fundraising event, all proceeds go toward providing vet care and helping find forever homes for rescued dogs.

And from all of us at Finding Them Homes to all of you and your furry family members, thank you for supporting our shared mission!