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Marten Falls Community Vet Clinic

From February 25 th to the 27 th , Finding Them Homes vet Dr. Pauline Van Veen, technicians Amy
Richardson, Mandy Jackson, and Mercedes Barrow, FTH board member Miranda Green and
volunteers Colin MacPherson, Steve Green and Kelly Heyworth conducted a spay and neuter
clinic in Marten Falls First Nations Community.

The team had set out on Feb. 23, travelling to and staying overnight in Geraldton. They were supposed to fly out of Nakina the next day at noon but hazardous weather conspired to keep them cooling their heels in the hotel. Finally on the 25th they were able to fly safely to Marten Falls.

The group was immediately welcomed into the community and provided with wonderful meals and accommodations. Though the primary purpose of the visit was for spays/neuters/vaccines, they were also available to field other dog care concerns; a four month old puppy was brought in for vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite/thirst, so she was put on fluids and intravenous drugs. The group also got a first-hand lesson in dog anatomy when Dr. Van Veen performed an exploratory surgery on a dog on the last day of the trip to determine whether or not it had a blockage.

In addition to that, they performed a total of 29 surgeries! (16 males were neutered, 13 females were spayed). Vaccinations were also provided for 5 dogs.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this trip a success, from the community of Marten Falls, to the FTH team, to all of you who contribute to our efforts! Without your support, we could not afford to run these clinics, which are key to helping control Northern dog populations. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook – we have all kinds of amazing events coming up and we don’t want anyone to miss out!