How’s THAT for “Up Dog”??

Ask almost anyone, and they will tell you that pretty much everything is better with
puppies, and yoga is no exception!

On February 24th, Finding Them Homes teamed up with the Barbell Academy, Namaste
North Yoga, Saje Wellness and Lulu Lemon Barrie to hold three (THREE!!!) puppy yoga

For anyone wondering, puppy yoga is a lot like regular yoga, except there are adorable
puppies running around challenging your focus and giving you lots of kisses to cheer
you up if/when you fall. As you can no doubt tell, these pups fit right in!

Thanks to the amazing supporters mentioned above we raised an astonishing $1800
towards the rescue! We are so grateful to everyone who helped make this event a
success. Make sure you follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the next Puppy
Yoga event!!