How Has it Been 6 Years Already?!

Easily one of the highlights of our year is when we get together each September for our annual
reunion. Members of the FTH family (human and canine alike) meet up to enjoy food, company,
and an all-around good time. It’s a fantastic opportunity for foster families to catch up with their
former foster dogs, for dogs to reunite with their siblings, and, of course, for people and dogs
alike to make new friends.

This year’s reunion took place on a particularly hot 15 th of September at Doran Park in Midhurst.
No less than 200 successfully adopted FTH dogs made an appearance, playing in pools and
sprinklers generously provided by various attendees. Thee Place for Paws was also there, and
donated the proceeds of all their nail trims for the day, which totaled over $500!

Our 2019 calendars and daytimers also debuted, and we are excited to announce that our
amazing supporters bought out almost 25% of our entire stock in a single day!

A huge thank you to Team Beauchesne for donating everything for the BBQ, as well as to all of
the volunteers who helped make this event so successful. This reunion is something that all of us
look forward to every year, and we feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing
people who continually contribute to our mission and organization.