Happy New Year from Finding Them Homes

2014 is gone and 2015 is upon us! What an amazing year 2014 has been for Finding Them Homes – James Bay Pawsitive Rescue!

One of the biggest highlights of the year was officially getting our charitable status! We began the process in January and were told it could be 6 months to 2 years to get approval. We were incredibly blessed to have received our status letter on September 3rd 2014!

During the 2014 year we had the opportunity to help home 219 dogs! We were also able to begin helping a new community this year on the James Bay coast, the community of Kashechewan. There were also a few opportunities to assist other rescues throughout the year. We had a few dogs from Quebec join our rescue from a hoarding situation and a puppy mill situation. We also were able to assist Manitoulin Island with some of their needs when other rescues were full. Just at the end of the year we were able to assist with a rescue that happened in Sandy Lake.

Although our focus is the Ontario James Bay Coast it was a blessing to be able to help out other rescues – a pay it forward, really. We have been helped by other rescues so in turn we felt we need to be there to help when and how we can. That is one of the important parts about rescue, working together for the better of the dogs.

It would be nice to tell you all that being a rescue is easy, but that is nowhere near the case! There are many highs to rescue but there are just as many lows. It can be incredibly stressful. There have been times when each and every one of us has wanted to just quit or step down. We all have our own full-time jobs and lives plus the rescue. However, we haven’t yet and there are a number of reasons why:
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The dogs – to see their success stories is what keeps us going. Sometimes we can be annoying asking for updates but seriously, it is our fuel! It is what keeps us going. Knowing that these dogs are loved after they leave us is so incredibly meaningful. Please never ever feel that you are posting your dog too much because we LOVE it!

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Our volunteers – without you there would be no us. I am continually awestruck by everyone who consistently volunteers. Whether it is for transport, overnights, fostering, home visits, etc., we are so incredibly grateful for all that you do for us to help make our lives a little easier. Actually not a little easier, a LOT easier! We love you all so much! For those of you who would like to help more and are not sure how you can help, just send us an email and we can find something!

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Kind words – seriously again so meaningful, not needed but they do warm our hearts ☺

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Youth – we have so many amazing youth who help out. Some wash crates for us (even after their hours are done). Others have raised money for us too. Seeing our younger generations be so passionate about these dogs helps us to know that there are those who will be there to take things over in the future. And who knows, with their knowledge maybe we can end the need for rescues!!

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Generosity is not dead! We live in a very privileged country yet often feel we don’t have enough. Society is very “me, me, me” driven. We want the latest gadgets. Things need to be now and not later. That being said, it has been amazing how incredibly generous people continue to be. Not only monetarily but with their time. It is a constant reminder that people still do care about more than themselves.

2014 has been a year of growing and learning. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far. Whether you have been with the journey from the beginning, joined somewhere in the middle or just recently started this journey with us, thank you.

As we look towards the coming year we are excited to see what is in store for the rescue. We are hoping to be able to sponsor a vet clinic or two in the north. We will continue to help sponsor portions of the ones that are already happening as well. We look forward to seeing what cute little pups and dogs join the rescue. We will also continue to find ways to help the communities of the James Bay Coast in any way we can.