Get Your(s) Fix(ed)

From the 15th to the 20th of February, 8 FTH Volunteers travelled North to Fort Albany where they continued their quest to control the overpopulation of stray dogs in Northern communities.

Karen and Jassen Metatawabin-Wesley were fantastic hosts (yet again), and kept our team of  volunteers feeling not only comfortable, but fully welcomed in the community.

The team in question was comprised of veterinarian Pauline van Veen, vet techs Caitlin Moore
and Colin Taylor, and volunteers Miranda Murray, Amanda McKinnon, Victoria McKinnon-Lazzaro, Lynne Hind, and Mary Smith. Thanks to them, 35 more dogs have now been spayed or neutered, and many others received vaccines and microchips (all dogs receiving surgery were also chipped and vaccinated). They were even joined one day by the local team of paramedics, who graciously covered the recovery area so our volunteers could enjoy a well-deserved lunch break together. Resident NAPS officer Justin constantly made himself available to help out however possible, be it playing chauffeur, doing the heavy lifting, or anything else that came up. They were also treated to a spectacular view of the Northern Lights their first night in Ft. Albany.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this massive undertaking by sponsoring
a dog, or in some other way. We truly could not do what we do without your support!