FTH 6th Annual Dog Wash

On Saturday, August 15 th , Thee Place for Paws in Innisfil hosted our 6 th annual dog wash. Within
a mere THREE hours, 37 dogs were washed and another two had their nails trimmed. As a result
of everyone’s efforts, we raised $1,892.00 in donations for Finding Them Homes.

In addition to the fantastic volunteers at Thee Place for Paws, this event was made possible by
the support of the following businesses; Banana’s Beach Bracelets, Global Pet Foods, Melo’s
Masks, Redline Brewery, and Wilderness Raw. As always, thank you for all you do to make our
mission possible!

Also making an appearance were six of our adoptable dogs. They were a big hit so we hope their
forever families found them!

Though COVID-19 has changed the way we operate, be assured that we are still hard at work
supporting our Northern Designer Dogs however we can. Make sure you follow us on Facebook
for updates, events, and more!