Friday Night Rescue

Friday night was nothing short of a TRUE rescue. At approximately 7pm on Friday November 27th, I received a text from our good friend and dog advocate, Jean, with a photo. Right away I could tell she was VERY pregnant. Thinking for a split second that we needed to get her south to deliver safely and close to a veterinarian in case she had any complications I asked Jean if she wanted to meet me in Sudbury that night. Of course, Jean has the same mindset, she says yes. Taking precaution in case she decided to deliver in the car, I call Miranda Green to see if she can come with me to pick her, she says “yes”! I grab a blanket, not thinking logically of what else we should bring just in case. Note, we are in a Volkswagen Beetle so not a large vehicle at all. Made for more of an adventure of course!

We arrived in Sudbury at approximately 10:25pm. Jean let’s me know she is running behind because the bridge in Manitoulin Island is under construction. Never fails, if you’re in a rush, you are bound to get held up. Jean arrives at approximately 10:45pm and this sweet momma is laying in the back of her van and she is HUGE! I’m talking beached whale huge (sorry momma). There is a pile of throw up and what was either a pee or some discharge. We carry her into the back of the Beetle because of just how big she is. Now, we have put the backseats down so she has more room and we are given her 2 blankets and pillow from her home.

 As we start driving, poor momma is panting and panting. Miranda climbs back seat in case she needs any assistance. We try opening the window a bit, nope that doesn’t help, we try turning on a colder breeze in the car. She’s restless, but at the same time, wants Miranda to to continue petting her. She moves around more and more, even comes to sit up closer to the front seat, all the while panting and panting.

Given her breed, we were warned she may not be able to pass the pups on her own if they have broad shoulders. We were about 2 hours into the drive when we decide, she is struggling to deliver, we should prepare Huronia Emergency Vet for our arrival. Miranda quickly goes online to fill out the sign in form. We continue driving and poor, sweet momma throws up. Now remember, we brought a blanket, that’s it. I have a tidy car so no napkins, nothing else! No worries, momma to the rescue, she decides she would like to bury it under the blankets. Conveniently Miranda has some poo bags! Phew!! She scoops it and ties up the bag. Approximately 12:45am we notice a mucous plug come out. Picture this, Miranda is still in the back seat with momma using her phone as the only light to see what’s going on and I’ve adjusted my mirror to keep an eye on what’s going on as this is as Miranda’s first delivery!! Momma starts bearing down and we see a few pushes! Well then we decide, no Huronia, she’s going to deliver on our drive!

We message her foster, Crystal, to let her know and Julia is watching the chat as well. Miranda and I spend the next 45 minutes or so, until we hit closer to Moonstone going back and forth if we should go to Huronia or not. All the while momma is pushing, moving around, panting and downright uncomfortable. Well at 1:29am just as we hit the 400/11split we welcomed the first baby boy to this world. Miranda assists trying to get the placenta away from baby (and momma) so she doesn’t end up with diarrhea. Guess what? Not a napkin, glove or towel nearby but that doesn’t stop Miranda. She puts the placenta into a poo bag and momma spends the rest of the drive cleaning up puppy. Miranda lived closest so we end our route at her house. She runs inside to get a kiddy pool, blanket and towels ready. We message Crystal and Julia who come so fast to Miranda’s as well to assist the rest of her delivery. 7 more beautiful babies were born. We aren’t certain she’s done but at the same time, she’s relaxing more and getting comfortable so we take the chance, also realizing it’s after 5am at this point and we are all exhausted. We load the kiddy pool along with mom and her pups into the back of yet another large vehicle, a Kia car!! On Crystal’s way home, don’t you know it, momma decides one more so she started her journey delivering in a car and finished in a car!

Miracles really do happen!!