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If you’re able to open our heart and home to help bring some dogs desperately needing a second chance, please fill out a foster application today.

Give a Dog a Second Chance

Ever wanted a dog but don’t want a long term commitment? Try fostering one of our rescues! They will cherish every moment with you and you get to teach them and love them in preparation for a forever home! We are always looking for help. We will find the perfect match for you to help get a dog out of the cold once we’ve reviewed and approved your application. Fill out an application today!


It’s a funny thing because I didn’t really want to foster dogs and now I feel like I could never stop. It has become a part of who I am…who we are as a family. It was sudden and unexpected even to me. One day I was sifting through the FTH page and there was this dog needing a foster. Without thinking I said I would do it. That first foster dog was an adventure and it didn’t work out. She needed someone more experienced. As they arranged to find her another foster I kept bursting into tears worrying they would never let me foster again. But they did.

And the next one was easier and so was the one after that. And by the time a tough one came along I had the skills and confidence to see it through. Each dog that has come through our home, no matter how short a stay has touched our lives. It is the obvious joy in knowing you are making a difference and the less obvious joy that comes from your heart getting bigger with each dog we meet. There are challenges like crying lonely puppies the first night in the crate and poop patrol but the joy of knowing you were a small part of these dogs finding their forever home makes it more than worth it. I am a dog foster now and forever!


Fostering FAQ’s

Does it cost anything to foster?

No, all costs are covered by Finding Them Homes.

What does the rescue provide?

The rescue will provide you with anything you will need, including: food, leash, collar, crate, toys, treats, dog beds, brushes, shampoo, baby gates. Anything else ask and we will be happy to let you know if we have it. Oh, and don’t forget unlimited support from other fosters!

The dog I get has to be friendly – can you guarantee that?

Unfortunately we cannot as we are often given very little information and it may not always be accurate. We do have a set of foster rules that when followed give both you and your foster dog the best chance for success! As well as a Facebook group where you can ask questions and support from other fosters.

Do I have to pay for the vet?

No, a board member will book your vet appointment at our vet and attend with you, you just need to show up with your foster(s).

How are dogs assigned to fosters?

When you fill out your application you are asked what age, sex and size of dog you are willing to take. This along with other information such as if you have other dogs, cats or children will help us match the dog to you.

If I live outside of Barrie can I still foster?

While you don’t have to live in Barrie we require that our fosters live within approximately an hour of Barrie as we require our fosters to be able to pick up their foster, bring their foster to the vet, to meet and greets and to their adoption which all take place in Barrie.

I want to adopt the dog I am fostering – what do I do?

If you would like to adopt your foster you will need to fill out an application and if there is not already an application in for that dog we will continue onto the home check.

What happens if I foster but it doesn’t work out?

If fostering the dog isn’t working in your home please allow FTH time to find a more suitable foster home (up to 7 days as per the foster contract)


Not ready to foster, but still want to contribute your time?