Fort Albany Spay and Neuter Clinic

Fort Albany Spay and Neuter Clinic

After having been constrained by the pandemic for almost 2 years, a team of volunteers, led once again by our indomitable vet Pauline van Veen, began the two day journey to Fort Albany on Wednesday, November 24th. After boarding a flight in Timmins, they arrived in Fort Albany at 10 AM Thursday, proceeded straight to the clinic for set up, and saw their first dog by noon.

Pauline was assisted by vet techs Sarah, Francis, and Katharine. Volunteers Kim and Crystal provided additional support, and our entire team was generously hosted by Karen Metatawabin Wesley, who once again opened up her home to the clinic team members during their stay. (Did you know? We have volunteers all over the province! Pauline and Francis came from North Bay, Katharine and Sarah from Ottawa, and Crystal and Kim from Barrie. Talk about a joint effort!)

In just four short days, Pauline and her team successfully spayed/neutered 33 dogs, provided checkups and vaccines to another nine dogs, performed two dental surgeries, and sedated another two dogs in order to treat them for infection. One dog did not clot properly and required a second surgery to treat the issue, but made a rapid and successful recovery.

One of the dogs treated for infection required a toe amputation. Despite this, he made a remarkably quick recovery and was back to running around and loving life again within 24 hours. After taking samples from some of the dogs, we will be able to determine what type of infection is afflicting them and can therefore send the appropriate medication to treat them in order to accelerate their recovery.

Our team did not return empty handed either: three pregnant dogs and one puppy accompanied them. Two of the mothers will return to the community once they have delivered (the 3rd mother went to another rescue), and their puppies will be fostered and up for eventual adoption once they’re old enough – keep an eye on our adoptable dogs if you are interested!

FTH would like to thank Northern Star for donating the food provided for the team during the clinic. We would additionally like to thank Peetabeck Health Services for covering the costs of the charter flights.

Thank you so much, not only to our clinic team, but to all of our donors and volunteers who help make clinics like these happen. They are integral to our goal, not only of reducing the overpopulation of dogs in remote Northern communities, but of providing pet owners in these regions with access to veterinary care that is often lacking. We can’t do it without you!