Finding Them Homes – James Bay Pawsitive Rescue Third Anniversary

If you asked any of us 1 095 days ago if we thought we’d be running a dog rescue that had homed over 800 dogs and we’d have said no way! 1 095 days later and here we are doing exactly that.  What started as a few friends trying to help a few dogs find homes has blossomed into something unimaginable.  Through all this time we have had many ups and many downs.  There were times when we almost threw in the towel.  But what keeps us going is the dogs and pups.

Finding Them Homes Third Anniversay

2012 Sara and Carl sending our first 3 dogs out of Moosonee by plane, 2013 Julia at the first Barkfest in Barrie, 2014 Lisa spending the day with Rosie as she gave birth to her pups and 2015 Tris’s adoption

We have also had the opportunity to meet some absolutely amazing people.  We’ve had the opportunity to do things we never thought were possible.  In July 2014 we officially became a registered charity.  This opened so many doors to help us move forward with helping more dogs.  Since last year we’ve had the opportunity to fund and participate in 3 spay and neuter clinics and expand into helping some other areas that were looking for much needed help.  As a team we’ve had to grow and learn.  We’ve added new members to our executive and had to create a team to help with fundraising, fostering and volunteers organization.  We are constantly evaluating how we can do more to help northern communities.

What does the next 366 days (leap year) look like? We have no idea! But we cannot wait to see how it goes!

One thing is certain, without our amazing supporters we would never be where we are today.  Thank you so much to every donation, adoption, fostering, transportation, sharing a post, buying a piece of clothing, telling your friends, etc.  Let’s keeping finding them homes!

Thank you all so much,
Julia, Lisa, Brenda, Karen, Sara, Nadia, Aileen and Rick!