Finding Them Homes helps out Thunder Bay

Fan full of dog food for the northern communitiesFinding Them Homes was contacted by Darlene Vezina who helps get dogs out of northern communities around Thunder Bay to see if we could help a pregnant dog, Pinky. After finding a foster home we needed to figure out how to get her down ASAP before she had her pups. I had some spare time so I offered to drive up to Thunder Bay and bring them some much needed dog food that had been collected. Carrie Kennedy offered to keep me company on the 15.5 hour drive. We organized volunteers to help load the van and send a big thank you to Victoria Debartolo, Heidi Hanney, and Tiffany Hatton for their muscles to help load it to the brim full of dog food, shampoo, toys and plastic crates (thanks to the Toronto Humane Society on River St) and set off on Thursday March 18, 2015 at 6:30pm.

Lisa feeding a stray black doglisa feeding a stray white dogWe drove to Cochrane and arrived around 12:30pm. Unfortunately all the hotels were booked solid so we continued to travel to the next biggest town, Kapiskasing, and found a room for us arriving around 1:30am. We spent the night and woke up to a complimentary breakfast and off we went. We stopped in Constance Lake to meet Karen Metatawabin to unload 30 bags of dog food and continued on our way. We stopped for gas in Longlac and met a dog there. We started driving away from the gas station and the dog started following and I was afraid the dog would follow onto the highway so we pulled over at the back of the parking lot. I think he smelt all the delicious dog food in the van. I grabbed a bag and hopped out to feed him. As I was pouring some food out for him, I turned around and there was another dog so I decided to feed that dog as well. 

Group outside van unloading dog food and cratesvan of dogs in cratesWe continued our trip and arrived in Thunder Bay around 4:00pm. We stopped at Daniela’s house to deliver all the food, crates etc. and off we went to spend the night at Shelley’s house who graciously “fostered” us for the night. We woke up at 6:00am to make it to the Walmart to meet the fosters and pick up the dogs who were coming south.

monster drinks for the roadWe collected 12 dogs and off we went at 7:30am. We were pretty exhausted from our trip so far so at 10:00am we already cracked our Monster drinks for the day to keep us going. We stopped in again at Constance Lake to pick up any dogs that were being surrendered.

trooper in his travel crate


Only one person showed up with Trooper however, even helping one dog makes it all worth it! We continued on for the remainder of our journey with the dogs including 2, possibly 3 pregnant dogs who looked pretty pregnant!!



puppy in green sweatshirt

lisa pinky and carrie driving

carrie with a puppy







We hit some scary weather in Huntsville and the remainder of the drive was definitely sketchy with snow covered roads and very windy weather. We arrived back in Barrie at 11:30pm to be greeted by our amazing fosters ready and waiting to bring the dogs into their homes. This was definitely a very successful trip and we are so happy to have brought these dogs down to prepare them for their forever homes!!!!