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Dog Adoption FAQ's

Finding Them Homes is a community, not one sole location!   We are located in foster homes in and around the County of Simcoe.

Barrie, Ontario

You can put in an application to apply for multiple dogs, just list all of their names and please note that applications are on file for 6 months so to simply inquire about another dog within that time frame, send an email back to the email you received regarding your application.  Make sure you reply back to the email that includes your application – makes it easier for the Adoption Team to locate your details!

There are three main breeds of dog up north; husky, lab and shepherd. Northern Designer Dogs are some mix of these three. Occasionally there are other breeds. Normally we do not know the father and sometimes not even the mother.

All of our dogs come from remote northern Ontario communities and have very thick coats and shed heavily. These dogs are all mixed breed as well, so we will never guarantee a hypoallergenic dog.

Since we often don’t know their mix of breeds it is hard to determine their size. The majority of dogs end up between 50-80lbs.

Because of the common dogs in northern Ontario we rarely get smaller breed dogs. However, they do come up occasionally.  Keep an eye out for the dogs for adoption.

Non-spayed/neutered Puppies
$ 300

We only ask adopters to cover some of the initial vet care costs that we incur. Where costs incurred by FTH significantly exceed this amount (e.g. for spaying/neutering), the adoption cost will be fully made known to the potential adopter once fully approved.

Since our adoption ‘fees’ cover only approximately 40% of our operating costs, we rely on donations and fundraising to cover the remainder of our expenses.

Donate Now

When Finding Them Homes started on its mission of rescuing dogs from remote northern communities and finding forever homes for them, the board’s philosophy was that no ‘profit’ was to be made from the adoption of these (un)fortunate animals. In other words, the rescue would operate solely on the donations of like-minded individuals who wanted to help these dogs rather than ‘selling’ rescued dogs.

Cases where we may incur additional costs for treating a dog include:

  Dental Work
  Major Surgery
  Transport from Remote Communities (Including Those Only Accessible by Air)

We do not ask adopters to assume these costs because that would act as a deterrent to finding forever homes for many dogs. Instead we rely on the generosity of dog lovers to provide the means for us to pay for the extra expenses that allow dogs to be rescued and looked after.

If it’s in your heart to also make a donation when you adopt a dog from us, we will gladly accept it and provide a tax receipt early the next year for your donation. Your donation, in addition to our fundraising efforts and the generosity of other supporters, is what allows us to help more dogs in need. Thank you for considering this when you adopt.

Unfortunately we are a small rescue so we only do adoptions within the province of Ontario.  Adoptions take place in the County of Simcoe, so please make sure you’re willing/able to travel to pick up your new family member!

Martingale Collar

Please come to your adoption appointment with the proper size martingale collar, tag with your phone number on it and 6′ leash.  In your adoption email we will provide you with the size that is needed. FTH will carry a supply should you wish to purchase collar and/or leash at the adoption. Unfortunately we can not proceed with the adoption otherwise.

Please be aware that adoptions are completed on a tight schedule – often there are adoptions scheduled before and after yours, and there are a number of people involved in the adoption itself. While we understand that sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control, you MUST contact us at least one hour before the scheduled adoption time to notify us that you will be late. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the adoption appointment, the dog will be placed on the available list again, and the next adoption application for the dog will be processed.

We are solely foster based and do not have a facility to visit.

If a dog is in foster care in the Barrie area, you can meet the dog at any of our public meet and greets OR upon approval of application and home visit, we may be able to arrange for you to meet the dog. Puppies do not attend public meet and greets as they’ve only had their first set of vaccines.

There are very few cats up north and therefore it can be hard to determine this factor. We rarely know until they come south, and only then if the foster has a cat.  If the dog you’re applying for hasn’t met a cat, and you have a cat, it’s highly recommended that you doing training with a professional to ease the transition for both.  We have a handful of trainers that we can recommend!

There are many factors that affect how long the process takes. It depends on the potential adopter’s availability, the volunteer’s availability, the potential adopter’s readiness to respond to emails, and a few other factors. It can range from a few days to a week or so. We are a 100% volunteer run organization, and we all have full-time jobs. Some days are busier than others, especially when a litter of puppies go up for adoption.

I submitted an application but never got a response, why not?

All properly submitted applications will receive an auto reply that usually ends up in your junk folder. If you did not receive one this means that either you inputted an incorrect email address or left some questions blank and will need to resubmit a new application.

Unfortunately we are unable to contact you by phone. We do not make phone calls for two reasons:

The first is that everyone within our organization is a volunteer so we don’t ask people to use their personal phones.

The second reason is because more than one person handles applications and we want to keep all the correspondence in one place so that one person can easily pick up where the last person left off.

Fundraising FAQ's

Yes, our name and logo can be used with prior written approval by contacting us and requesting approval.

Events that include raffles, 50/50 draws or other lotteries need to obtain a license from the municipality where the event is to take place.

Finding Them Homes – James Bay Pawsitive Rescue cannot be responsible for the conduct or liabilities that may arise from any third party fundraising initiative. Thus, the organizers of such events shall ensure that they have adequate liability insurance to protect themselves in case of accident or circumstances arising that may lead to a claim being made against them.


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