Age Sex Breed Weight
~1 Year Old Female Shepherd Mix 40 lbs

Need to know…
She needs strict rules and boundaries from day 1. Slow introductions to new dogs is best. She will need an experienced dog owner. She has some resource guarding with humans and high value items. She needs a home with no kids.

Vet Details

No Cats Gets along but takes time to warm up No Kids


Hello world, it’s me Violeta! A cute, happy, fluffy, and floppy ear adorable puppy!
Are you dog savvy? Love going on adventures? Well, STOP right there and read my full bio maybe I will be the perfect fit! I’m a very busy, very happy, high-energy puppy looking for a family to call my own.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a female Shepherd mix approximately 1 years old and weigh 51lb. I have been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.
I am great in my crate; all you say is crate then I just walk right in and don’t make a peep. I like my crate with a soft blanket in it. I also like it covered; it helps me feel safe. During the week when my foster parents are at work, I stay in there the most of the day and don’t make a sound. Foster mom comes home at lunch and lets me out for a pee break. On the weekends when everyone is home, they follow this rule 2 hours in 2 hours out. That way I don’t associate the crate with you leaving. When I come out of the crate, I get the full body wag going! Foster mom will wait till I’m calm before opening the door.
I am proud to say I have never had an accident in the house. Foster mom takes me out regular, but I will go to the back door whine and pace to let you know I need to go.
I love all sorts of toys; tug of war is my favorite. Foster mom practises with me the leave it commands when we are playing and I’m rocking it. I recently had a small cat toy and when my foster mom tried to get it I from me I lunged for it and then swallowed it whole. I am ok, but this is why teaching leave it is very important. If I have a high value item like food or a toy this command will make it safe for you to take it. Also I could have something that could harm me, it could save my life. I will chase a ball but haven’t figured out how to bring it back. When I get really excited, I have mouthed, foster mom gives me a firm no and playing stops she will stand still and get very serious. Even though I’m not biting, I need to know that no teeth are allowed on skin. I’m super smart and will stop right away. Another thing I do when I get excited is bark. I just get carried and way and forget myself sometimes I am just a big puppy!
I don’t mind getting a bath, when I first came south I had a skin infection that required me to be on medication and have lots of baths. So, I got lots of practise. I don’t like them or the water but I really love the attention I get during them! The scratching and massaging are like heaven to me. I could do without the dryer I don’t like it! Sometimes I try to bite the air and catch it, foster mom thinks it hilarious. I don’t think it’s very funny and totally could live without it.
When I first came south, I was a bit skinny, food was hard to get and I had no manners when it came to eating. The first-time foster mom fed me I scared her because I jumped up and knocked it right out of her hands! SO RUDE OF ME, she was not impressed. We have worked on this behaviour a lot! I am proud to say I now have some manners when it comes to eating, even though I still need some reminder to take treats nice. The first thing she did was put the food in the crate. She would have me on the leash and would have me wait outside the crate, once I was calm, I would be allowed to eat. Once foster mom say the magic word OKAY, she lets me eat and doesn’t interrupt me. She also advocates for me and makes sure that no one else does and NEVER put your hands in a dogs bowl its rude, you wouldn’t like if I licked your plate. I have begun to realized that there will be more food and she is the keeper of the food. I now I go in the crate, sit and wait. Foster mom puts the bowl down and I can wait a whole minute before I eat. I know that it doesn’t seem like a lot but, tell that to my starving belly. I won’t even touch it until she says OK! She says she’s so proud of me.
I have a couple of hidden talents I should make you aware of. I have impeccable hearing and smelling. I am always the first to alert the family if someone new is around. I will bark when someone is at the door. Way before all the other dogs here! I am top notch fly catcher! When I see or hear one of those pesky things it my life mission to eat them! Foster mom plays a game with me, she hides food in the back yard then she will put me on a long line and I have to find the food! It’s so much fun, and I rock at it.
I love being outside going for walks and hikes with my foster family. I doing well on my leash skills; my foster family has been working really HARD on helping me with this. I am doing amazing in no distraction’s settings, but still need to work in public places. When I see other dogs, I do react with barking and lunging for them. Foster mom will do a 180 degree turn the other direction to interrupt this behaviour. I have made some great improvements in this area, now if I walk by a dog and they are calm I remain interested in them by don’t bark or lounge if they bark or react then it’s a different story I will bark right back at them. Right now, in my training we are planting distractions and having them far away. That way foster mom is prepared for them and can show me the correct behaviour she wants. Things I’m excelling at in no distraction areas is, walking and following foster mom, automatic sitting, stay and come. When we start our training session foster mom will change directions she will go left, right, and 180 just to make sure that I am paying attention to her. Sometimes when I see those pesky squirrels, I will react by barking and pulling not all the time just about 50/50. Foster mom will do 180 change directions, till my attention is back on her. She then will put me into a sit to reward for staying with her.
One of the scariest places to go is the dreadful place called the VET! I HATE it with a passion. So much so that I need a muzzle when I go. Foster mom is working with me at home doing lots of handling to get me used to being examined also practising putting the muzzle on. I love when foster mom handles me and she doesn’t understand why I behave like this at the vet because I’m such a good girl at home. Just to keep everyone safe I have to have to wear the dreadful thing. It’s actually not that bad, I do put it on no problem but try and take it off. She will just interrupt this behaviour by doing some of my training, then I forget about it and carry on. I am happy to say the last time I went to the vet I didn’t have to wear a muzzle, foster mom was able to come in and that made me feel safe and not as nervous.
There are 2 big dogs in my foster home, I love them! I think I have a crush on the boy. They are both very calm and well-behaved dogs. Sometimes I get super excited and get zoomies and bark at them. They will just look at me like I’m crazy. We share toys, and can share treats too! It took me a while to feel comfortable and safe to play with them. We went on lots of pack walks together, to help me build confidence around them. When a dog first meets me, they might get the wrong impression of me because I bark and lunge but really, I’m just scared and insecure or just want to play. Any introductions should be slow, what I mean by that is, go for a little walk together first. When we do meet it should always be on a loose leash. You don’t want any added tension on the leash and both dogs must be calm.
There are 2 cats here. I have never met them yet. They like to stay away from me, so I don’t know how I will react to cat. Because being in new situations can be very stressful for me, my new home should be cat free but hey once we are all settle I think I might like a cat friend.
I current live with older children, the youngest is 16. I have met younger children on my walks and I love them. I love to give kisses but I can get super excited forget myself sometimes and jump up. Foster mom always advocates for me, she will tell people to ignore me till I am sitting and being a good girl then I get some attention. It is recommended that I go to a family with older children because of the nipping and still learning food manners. Every person that has come into my foster family’s home I have LOVED I have the best full body wag and get so excited to see and meet new people. I do bark that excited bark when someone new comes. It is important to be calm when meeting me that way I don’t jump up and get over excited. She keeps my leash on that way I don’t get the opportunity to jump up on new people. Foster mom says there is a time and a place when we get to be crazy and run around. Greeting people is not that time. When I’m out on our walks I love meeting people, foster mom has taken me to a couple of stores and I don’t really bark at people but I do get excited and let out a few barks in general.
It is also very important to give me time! I need time to decompress and get comfortable in my new home. When I first got to my foster home, I was always busy! It took about 3 weeks for me to get comfortable to lay down and use the dog bed. I always wanted to go to the crate because it’s my safe place or I would pace. Foster mom keeps a leash on me and in hand then she just goes about her business. This helps me to get out of my comfort zone and be part of the family. They also follow the no talk no touch rule, there are a few reasons why they do this. First one is a dog communicates by body language, so it’s easier for me to understand and read you without all those words getting in the way. Second you want me to be comfortable, right? Not needy and start to have a demanding behaviour? Well too much attention will cause this. So, it’s very important to follow this rule. Keeping the leash on also helps foster mom keep an eye out for any unwanted behaviours like counter surfing or garbage diving. When I do go for the food a firm but calm NO does the trick.
I love going for car rides, I just jump right in then foster mom will take the leash and hook it on the door that way she can grab leash before she opens it. It also controls the amount of movement I get! That way I don’t jump on you to get some love while we are driving.
Because I am a high energy and have some unwanted behaviours is why I am mandatory training. Don’t let this scare you, this helps me be the best dog I can be but also creates a bond between us. I know I’m not perfect but who is. I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me! We will work together.

It’s important to follow the no talk no touch rule. Too much attention at first can cause me to have unwanted behaviours. And one more thing, it’s important to keep me on a leash inside and out for 30 days. This will help create a bond and guide my behaviour.


Don’t be afraid of these words! Here are a couple of reasons we require mandatory training for some of our awesome dogs:

 The dog doesn’t get along with ALL dogs.
That’s fine if you want to stay a hermit but we know the dog has potential to be ok with all dogs. Also, just like people, not all dogs like all dogs. You don’t like every person you meet but it’s expected we are cordial and that is the expectation of dogs as well.

 The dog is super nervous.
Many people have a tendency to allow their dog to stay in this state of mind their whole life but that is not healthy for the dog. We want a dog that trusts and is balanced as well as happy. Meeting with a professional trainer is exactly what these dogs need and you as the adopter needs to work hard at building that trust!

 The dog has zero manners.
Many of our returned dogs have come back to us this way and we want to decrease the chance that they will be returned again for the exact behaviour they showed before. All dogs require rules and boundaries. Love is not enough.

“I once owned a dog that was aggressive towards some dogs. I thought I was just going to have to avoid other dogs throughout his whole life and I became ok with that. Then I met an amazing trainer who has since helped me and we’ve walked and hiked with so many different dogs now! Throughout all the hard work I’ve met so many people and learned so much about myself.”

Don’t be afraid to adopt the dog that requires the mandatory training! It is an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with an awesome dog, meet new people and learn so much! For those of you with dogs that have issues, don’t avoid the issue. Get out and get training and work your butt off so your dog can be happy and so can you!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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