Age Sex Breed Weight
14 Weeks Old Male Shepherd Mix 25 lbs

Need to know…
He is a shy, gentle guy who loves to play.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Gets along well Hasn’t Met but Children 3+ years and older please


My name is Toulouse and I’m a male, shepherd mix that’s approximately 14 weeks old. I was one of a litter of 12, most of my siblings got adopted already but I’m still searching, I’m told that sometimes people leave the best for last and that’s why I’m still hanging around. I’ve been microchipped and vaccinated and I currently weigh 25lbs.
I have 3 foster sister dogs, they are quite a bit older and don’t really want to play with me but that’s OK, I’m good at amusing myself by chasing a ball. I also have been seen chasing my tail a couple times. I’ve met a few dogs now and the younger ones love to play with me, I like to go for the legs! I even met a really big dog and thought it was fun to try and walk him myself by holding his leash in my mouth.
I am learning this housetraining thing- I am taken out every couple hours to allow me opportunities to go where I’m supposed to. I’m doing pretty good, I now start to whine if I need to go. I do have my leash on while indoors, it helps a lot with potty training too so if I do start to squat, my foster parents can grab the leash and lead me outside. I’ve learned real quick, I’m told I’m a good boy!
When it comes to crate training I’m doing quite well. I sleep all night in my crate without a peep. I do go in sometimes on my own too. I like it covered, I have blankets in but prefer the cooler tray to lay on. I don’t go in on command yet and sometimes need to be led in. My crate is in the living room but I do usually wake up around 6:30 to start my day.
I have been going on walks everyday and its usually with all my foster sisters. I’m just learning how to walk on a leash and once I can walk without getting tangled we will learn some manners on leash so I walk with my handler. I have been out on leash with them almost every day now and I’m getting better at not getting tangled up.
I am getting way better waiting for my meals. I used to try and dive right into my food bag but now I wait patiently (most of the time) and am told to sit before I’m given any meal. I know what food bowl is mine and don’t try and take the other dogs food either
I’m a little scared of loud noises and fast moving things but I am learning to be brave. When I first moved to my new foster home I was scared when my neighbour dog barked at me- I ran and hid under the deck. Now when dogs bark at me I do notice but I don’t react the same, I just go on with my business.
I don’t live with kids or cats at my foster home but since I’m a baby myself I need to go to a home with kids over 3. I have met cats at my foster mom’s work and all I want to do is play with them, I’m not mean to them but I do want to play and the cats don’t really like that because I’m bigger and use my mouth to play.
I love to sleep under coffee tables, side tables, and chairs. It makes me feel safe. My other favorite place to sleep is right on the cool air vent, my foster parents think it’s funny as the first time the air coming out scared me a little.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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