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~1 Year Old Male Husky Mix 41 lbs

Need to know…
He is calm but likes to play and can be rambunctious. He is a chewer. He likes to chew on leashes and his bed.

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Hello everyone this is Radford. I am making my debut on Finding Them Homes.
I’m approximately 1 year old male husky mix, vaccinated, microchipped and my weight is 41lbs.
I go into my crate to eat my food on my own because I associate my crate as a safe place to eat my meals with no interruptions like talking to me or touching me but when it’s crate time (2 hours in 2 hours out) I will go right into my crate no argument. I can also associate my crate with a safe place to watch things from afar for example if my foster dad is has company come over I can observe them from a distance because I don’t know them and they don’t know me and with new people coming into the house the environment in the house changes. We do this during the days and evening when my foster dad is home also so I don’t associate the crate with him leaving. All my foster dad had to do is start walking to my crate and I will walk with him with my leash on. When he says crate I will go right in and sit down. I have a beautiful soft blanket in there also. When I am in my crate when my foster dad is at work he will play music and it makes me feel good. During the night when I sleep in the crate I may start to whine but my foster dad will say stop and I will stop and go back to sleep for the night. I have no cover on my crate when I am in there. I want to see everything that is going on around me. The reason that my foster dad doesn’t put a cover over me is because I don’t make a peep during the day. I want to stress to my forever family that it is very important to keep me on the leash even in the house. You don’t want me to wander all over the place unsupervised and by keeping on the leash I will learn what my boundaries are within your house.
I have never had an accident in the house but my foster dad is getting me in a routine for going to the washroom. When I do have to go when it is out of the normal routine I will start to look at the door whine and look back at him. This is the indicator that I need to go. When I first came down I wouldn’t go pee or poo for the first 24 hours. I think I was worried to go but my foster dad was walking me 4 times a day and I finally started going. Also when I came down I had a lot of anxiety and wouldn’t settle down. I would none stop pace on my leash, make little whining noises and always look at the door. So my foster dad placed me in the crate for a while and later that night I settled down and ate my dinner. Even in my crate at first when he put me inside of of it I would paces and whine for a bit but all was good once I new that I would be ok.
My foster dad has been feeding me 3 times a day for know and once I am up to a good healthy size the lunch meal will most probably be cut out and only fed twice a day. He will not give me very many treats. I only get treats when I am training he uses my dog food kibble or some treats for training and only a couple because I would expect it all the time and not really learn.
So my training is going good I will walk beside my foster dad but at times I will pull a bit so we will do the 180 turn and go the other way. I can sit but not on command “LOL”. My foster dad is persistent on me sitting when we come to the end of a sidewalk before we cross. I just want to continue walking my foster dad will say sit and pull up on my leash. He only does that a couple of times before he will put a little pressure on the back end while pulling up on the leash and then I realize what he wants me to do. On my early morning walks there is lots of wildlife out like birds and lots of bunnies and when I see them I get a little excited. So my foster dad will make me walk right beside him. We haven’t started the sit and stay yet but hoping by my next update we will be starting this. When we are walking and encounter other dogs I will try and meet them but my foster dad says no and so we keep on walking.
I have met my 2 step brothers (they are cats) and I get along with them. My foster dad when we got home on the first night he put me in my crate so I could have my time to decompress and settle down from the long travel down. The next day when my foster dad took me out the crate, my step brother came up to me and started to rub up against me and I really liked it but my foster dad had me on a short leash and was watching my reaction. I have never met cats before so my foster dad wanted to make sure everything went good. Once I met them I was put back into my crate so we could have more controlled interactions. I want to highlight the short leash because you never know what will happen and you need to be quick to pull him away if his temperament changes. I have met a female dog that lives 2 doors down and we get along very nicely. What my foster dad did was have me not go right up to her but instead see how I reacted to her and how she reacted to me. No hackles went up and my tail was just wagging but I didn’t pull to meet her. So we slowly walked up to each other touched noses and then turned and walked away. We did this because even if we touch noses and no reaction happened right away something could so by going up sniffing each other for a few seconds then walking away my foster could see how I would react and how the other dog would react. So when finally allowed us to meet he kept a firm grip on my leash just in case. Well it was good because both tails started wagging crazy and we started to play. Know I do live with another foster dog and I get along with him quite well. I haven’t met any kids yet but with adults I will go right up to them and I will try and jump up at them. My foster dad will keep a tight leash on me and say no. My foster dad wont let them pet me unless I settle down. When we go on walks and see other dogs we are not sure what they are like so we will walk wide from them and it doesn’t bother me. I will look at them but not pull to go over to them and we keep on walking. I really want to stress that all interactions with other animals weather it is a cat or other dog that they are on leash and supervised at all times. This is very important that you understand this. You don’t want any incidents to happen.
My temperament is very good but I like to play. I am a calm dog, I like to lay flat out and just observe my surroundings but I am also just a pup I do like to get into mischief. I will sometimes get my foster brother upset at me because all I want to do is play so my foster dad will bring me up on the porch via the leash(very important the leash) to settle down, redirect me or when we are in the house the both of use will do crate time. When we are outside my foster dad will throw the ball and I will go get it but I won’t give it back we are doing this on a 15’ leash so I can’t go to far. When he comes for it I will run in the opposite direction so maybe I am exercising my foster dad like he exercises me but I enjoy being silly with him. I am a chewer I have to tell you that but not on furniture just leashes and my bed which is destroyed. So my foster dad keeps items that he thinks I might chew high up. I am restricted to where I can go because my foster dad has me on a leash all the time. This teaches me boundaries and it is also very important the 30 days of leash because I respond a better to leash action and don’t forget the 30 days of no touch and no speak. This will help me adjust to my new forever home.
I love going in the truck now. At first I was scared of going into it but my foster dad would teach me that the truck won’t hurt me. I am not a big fan of the window down I just like looking out the back window and side windows. I get strapped in with a doggy seat belt so I can’t jump into the front or run off when the door gets open. I will climb in and out on my own from the truck.

I would also like to thank Cherie from https://www.cwc-photography.com/ for the fantastic pics.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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