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Feature Dog Primrose

Age Sex Breed Weight
2.5 Years Old Female Shepherd / Retriever Mix 58 lbs

Need to know…
Mandatory training – but don’t let that scare you!

Vet Details

Cat free home please Gets along well Children 5+ Years and Older


I know, I know. I am adorable. A big, golden, brown eyed beauty– a dog you can trust with your secrets. Don’t be fooled. Yes, I am a great listener. But inside this innocuous adorable golden package exists tons – indeed, whole square miles – of stubbornness 😝 Ok, not really that much but I’m trying to be funny!

Primrose here! I’m a 2.5 year old, female shepherd retriever mix who is spayed, UTD on vaccines and microchipped!

Do you like to go for adventures? Walks, hikes, swimming?!

Well what’re you waiting for?! Let’s go! I can hardly wait. I love being active. I walk well on leash but I do need to be reminded whats expected of me. I get lost in the smells and have the potential to take you on an adventure you may not want to embark on.
When passing by other dogs/humans (I pick and choose who) I do tend to bark and pull. Again, remind me what you expect of me and I fall back in line very quickly. I have made great progress at my foster home but in a new home, it is easy to fall back into those habits if not corrected so it’s important for you to know you will need to be firm with me, ensure you lay down the law (boundaries) and work with me consistently.

People.. let’s talk people! I’m a dog that loves them all, big and small. Except some men. I can play strange but I am not ferocious. I tend to back away and it’s best to allow me to approach them when I am comfortable and ready.
Though I am great with kids, it is best I am in a home with older children (5 years of age or older) as I am strong and a bit of a bull dozer. I don’t want to accidentally knock any little ones over– I would feel awful!!

NO CATS though please. Just wanted to sneak this in there!

How are my manners in home? Lovely. I am housebroken, loyal, fun and friendly. Cool as a cucumber. If you have a dog bed for me to lounge on, that’s all I need! I love curling up and watching a movie or playing with one of my toys.. aka hoarding all of the toys. You can never be surrounded by to many right?

Other dogs? Sure thing! We can hang out and play BUT proper introductions MUST be made. I don’t like dogs just getting right up in my face. More so females than males. Foster mom has two dogs, a male and female and we get along famously but it did take some time for me to warm up to her female. To be fair, she’s a bit of a grouchy grandma sometimes 🤷

I almost forgot! My crate. I do like my crate and will go in for a nap on my accord. However, I did make a great escape while foster mom was at work. I didn’t destroy anything or get into any mischief but foster mom decided to use carabiners for a while. She has taken them off and I have been fine since. In a new home, it may be best to use them to ensure my safety until we get to know one another and I get to know my new space.

Car rides? Sign me up buttercup! I love car rides ALMOST as much as I love hikes. I sit or lay down nicely and make great company. I enjoy sticking my nose out the window and resting my head in between the front seats.. I know, adorable!

One last thing I need to mention, you REALLY need to pay attention to this!

Let’s face it: unless you’re looking for a dog that’s a little bit of work, I am not the dog for you. I know. I’m super loyal, easy in the house and a lot of fun but I am a little rough around the edges. I require mandatory training because as loyal and as sweet as I am, I am also stubborn, strong and very smart. If you give me an inch, I will take a mile. My best match is with someone who is willing to work with me, someone who is firm and confident, someone who is going to be consistent with me and with our training!

Don’t be afraid of these words! Here are a couple of reasons we require mandatory training for some of our awesome dogs:

 The dog doesn’t get along with ALL dogs.
That’s fine if you want to stay a hermit but we know the dog has potential to be ok with all dogs. Also, just like people, not all dogs like all dogs. You don’t like every person you meet but it’s expected we are cordial and that is the expectation of dogs as well.

 The dog is super nervous.
Many people have a tendency to allow their dog to stay in this state of mind their whole life but that is not healthy for the dog. We want a dog that trusts and is balanced as well as happy. Meeting with a professional trainer is exactly what these dogs need and you as the adopter needs to work hard at building that trust!

 The dog has zero manners.
Many of our returned dogs have come back to us this way and we want to decrease the chance that they will be returned again for the exact behaviour they showed before. All dogs require rules and boundaries. Love is not enough.

“I once owned a dog that was aggressive towards some dogs. I thought I was just going to have to avoid other dogs throughout his whole life and I became ok with that. Then I met an amazing trainer who has since helped me and we’ve walked and hiked with so many different dogs now! Throughout all the hard work I’ve met so many people and learned so much about myself.”

Don’t be afraid to adopt the dog that requires the mandatory training! It is an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with an awesome dog, meet new people and learn so much! For those of you with dogs that have issues, don’t avoid the issue. Get out and get training and work your butt off so your dog can be happy and so can you!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 14 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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