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~2 Year Old Female Shepherd Mix 52 lbs

Need to know…
She is shy and working on her confidence. She came down with a broken pelvis that had already started healing. It is all healed and she has graduated from rehab. Due to her old injury she is at increased risk of arthritis as she get older, to help, she takes daily Omega 3 and Glucosamine supplements. She is looking for a dog savvy person to help her shine.

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Hello forever family….psst! I’m over here – where have you been hiding??
Incase we have not had the pleasure of meeting yet..allow me to introduce myself!
My name is PASHMINA ❤️! I am a female Shepherd mix and I am approximately 2 years old. I am spayed, vaccinated and have my very own microchip.
I made the long journey South in December of 2021. When I arrived my foster family noticed I walked with a limp and had some muscle wastage on my left side. I was checked out at a specialist and they discovered that I had already started to heal from a fractured pelvis. As the healing was well underway it was decided that the best course of action with intensive physio therapy…even if I do say so myself I have done an amazing job! I still have a little bit of a wiggle, but my old injury does not slow me down – I enjoy a couple of 30 minute walks a day and can do what every other dog can. I am delighted to tell you that I have graduated Physio!! At my last check up they said I have the normal range and strength of any other dog and whilst they are happy to see me (I like seeing them to be honest!!) I don’t need to go anymore! I was a tiny bit ‘tight’ in my back – but nothing out of the ordinary. So, whilst my rehab is complete, it might still be a good idea for my forever family to establish a relationship with a physio
clinic so they can be aware of any changes to look out for and can quickly intervene if my strength regresses, a check in with a physio every couple of months would be ideal to make sure all is going well. I am at greater risk of arthritis as I get older due to my old injury so I take daily glucosamine and omega 3 supplements. It’s also super, duper important that I stay lean so as to not put unnecessary stress on my joints and old injury as I get older. I am very food motivated so my foster family use this to their advantage by using some of my daily kibble allowance to incorporate into my training routines.
I was so incredibly shy and lacking confidence when I first came South. I would sometimes let out a low growl if I was unsure of new things. My foster family were very careful to not ‘coddle’ me and instead are my confident coaches who help me learn that new experiences are fun and approach things with a ‘we got this’ attitude. Once I warm up to you I am constantly looking for affection, again it’s going to be important to not smother me with too much attention too soon as I want to grow up strong and independent! Too much attention too soon can lead me to think it’s ok to stay nervous and can lead to unwanted behaviour, so please for my sake and yours, don’t feel sorry for me, rather work with me to stretch my abilities. Do you have the time to put the work in with me? Balanced professional training would be an incredible way for us to bond, learn trust and really help me grow to be the best dog citizen.
My leash skills are a work in progress if I’m being honest! I have been making some great progress walking with a slip leash backed up to my martingale collar – but we are still working on it and I am making progress..this would be another thing we could work on with a professional trainer. If I am getting to far ahead and not paying attention my foster family do a quick 180 turn and head in the other direction so I learn to follow them rather than me get out in front. For the most part I ignore other people and dogs on my walks, if another dog barks at me I will bark back, but a quick ‘enough’ and I give my attention back to you. I am very interested in small critters and need reminding to not try and chase them! Again a quick ‘enough’ and I am pretty good at re-focusing my attention on you!
I am kinda goofy and clumsy and sometimes get so excited that I forget my manners and will try and jump up to give you a hug 🤗. Foster family say this is rude and we are working on it! When I am not in my crate my leash is attached so the humans can quickly intervene if I try to jump up and can guide me to make more pleasant introductions! I will try and sneak up on furniture which is not allowed here 🙄…again as my leash is attached the humans re-direct me and give a firm no! I am very interested in human food and whilst I have not tried to counter surf my foster family set me up for success by not leaving any tasty snacks within my reach.
I have got ‘sit and stay’ pretty much nailed, we practise this every time we go outside! I am still learning down, I can leave it for most of the time and I’m pretty good at coming when you call me – please remember that when I’m not in my crate my leash is attached at all times and until I bond with my forever family I should not be trusted to not be attached to you outside in an unfenced area.
I love, love, love to play with toys! I love stuffies, but to be honest they don’t last long!! I consider it my duty to tear any limbs off, free the fluff and find the squeaker as fast as I can!! I should be supervised if I have soft toys, I am pretty good at not eating what I have shredded…but better to be safe than sorry! My favourite is a heavy duty kong with a few snacks inside (again my foster family use some of my daily kibble allowance) with a little peanut butter or pumpkin…this is my favourite if you freeze it..it keeps me occupied for ages!
There are 3 other dogs that live here, 2 older males and a female close in age to me. The one male is really old and he does not really pay any attention to me, I love to hang out with the 7 year old male as he is a very calm, balanced dog. It’s not been an easy relationship between myself and the other female here! We can both be quite bossy and don’t like to share, when we are both out of our crates anything we might perceive as ‘high-value’ toys, bones etc are put away and we only get to enjoy these in the privacy of our own crates. We have never really got into any mischief, but we are always supervised and my leash is always attached so the humans can step in safely if they need too if we get too rambunctious! I do sometimes get a little carried away and get in the other dogs space, I do listen if they tell me to back up and again my foster family advocate for us all.
I am a fairly high energy dog which was tough when I first got here as I was in strict crate rest! Tiring my mind is as important as tiring my body! Foster family say I am very smart and have really started to get the hang of playing fetch- I am willing to give the ball up most of the time – I can be a little possessive of the ball sometimes and will let out a little growl when you take it away, we work through this though and I am realizing that I have to let it go for you to throw it again. At one and half I am still a puppy in so many ways and whilst you should not let me get away with behaviour, if you work with me and we build trust in each other I just know we can have amazing fun times!
There are no cats here so I’m unsure how I feel about them..I have seen a few in the neighbourhood when I am out on my walks and I am super curious!
I am still a little timid around new people and definitely prefer it if you allow me to approach you first to get a few sniffs in, once I warm up to you…I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am the biggest suck and will seek attention at every given opportunity, as I mentioned above please don’t smother me with affection too soon, I still have a ways to go in building my confidence and my coach should not reinforce any needy behaviour, rather encourage me to be well balanced and independent. I don’t live with children, I have met little people who have dog savvy parents and have been very sweet but our interactions are always supervised to make sure that nobody is being too boisterous.
I have always been great in my crate! As I got more comfortable and maybe a little too warm I started shredding my blankets and would pull in the crate cover! My foster family didn’t want to risk me getting a bad tummy so now I don’t have my crate covered and they don’t leave anything in the crate with me – this suits me just fine and helps me stay cool! I sleep in crate all night long, I am even willing to let you lie in on weekends! I chill out nicely in my crate when my foster family go to work and don’t make a fuss! The only time I can be really loud is mealtime (not really my fault, the other dogs start it, I am just joining in) and if the other dogs are heading outside and I think I am missing out! If we are being loud foster mom says I sound like a high-pitched monkey…how rude!! I’m not really one to bark much, well only if the other dogs start it first if a stranger comes to the house. When my foster family are home we follow the 2hr in and 2hr out crate schedule, this helps me not just associate my crate with you leaving. These days I go to my crate when asked to, in new surroundings I may regress a little and you may need to lead me to the crate with my leash. I eat my meals in my crate as this helps to reinforce it’s a good place!
I have never had any potty accidents in the house and like to take my business outside! I pace a little and whine when I need a washroom break, but my cues are very subtle so my foster family take me out regularly to ensure I’m comfortable. I’m a bit of a fidget when it’s time to be brushed and think I have to sit on you like a lap dog! Not a fan of bath time or nail trims either if I’m honest, but I tolerate it (especially if you distract me with treats)!
I used to be terrified of the car…didn’t want to get in our out! We did lots of practice some times just getting in and out and short rides around the block…now it’s one of my favourite things!! The humans lead me up to the car door with my leash and I hop right in!! Big cars, small cars, trucks I love them all – I usually settle very quickly and I am just content to lay down and take a nap! The humans secure a loop of my leash in the door so they have a hold of me before the doors are opened just incase I decide to make a hasty exit..I am usually very good at waiting, but let’s make sure we have bonded first.
Foster mama says I can stay as long as I like while I find my prefect forever family as I’m a fairly easy house guest, but I would love to find my own family where I can continue to grow and reward you with my loyalty and goofiness!! I am looking for a family that will be my confident coaches and that are willing to put in the time and effort to help me be the best version of myself!
So what do you think? Are we a great match?


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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