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~1.5 Year Old Female Shepherd Mix 52 lbs

Need to know…
She is shy and working on her confidence. She came down with a broken pelvis that had already started healing. She does currently attend rehab twice a week to gain muscle mass and mobility. Due to her old injury she is at increased risk of arthritis as she get older, to help, she takes daily Omega 3 and Glucosamine supplements. She is looking for a dog savvy person to help her shine.

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Please allow me to introduce myself! My name is PASHMINA! ❤️. I am a female, Shepherd mix weighing in at 52lbs and I am approximately one and half years old.
I am spayed, vaccinated and have my very own microchip!
I made my journey south late last year in December of 2021. When I arrived I had a fractured pelvis, that had already started healing and I have recovered well.
I have now been going to physical rehab twice a week and have been doing hydro and laser therapy along with manual exercises with the rehab staff at the vet clinic and of course my at home exercises also. The doctors says that they have seen great improvement in my limp and my mobility as a whole although my leg is not perfect, I do have a super cute wiggle as a result!
The current plan of action is to keep increasing my exercise and to continue with my strengthening exercises at home in hopes that I will continue to gain muscle in my leg. It would be best for me to continue having follow up appointments with a physical rehabilitation facility every 2-3 months to ensure that I am still progressing to gain muscle and not deteriorating. Due to my old injury I am at increased risk of arthritis as I get older, to help, I take daily Omega 3 and Glucosamine supplements.
During the early days of my recovery I was on strict crate rest and being honest, my leash skills still need some work! I have been making good progress walking with a slip leash backed up to my Martingale Collar and with some 180 changes in direction, for the most part I walk nicely beside you. I ignore humans when they walk past and dogs too, unless they call out to me and then I will bark back at them 🤭 – if I bark at another dog, a quick ‘enough’ and I am happy to go about my business.
I am interested in small critters, but easily redirected with a ‘leave it’. There are no cats in my Foster Home, but there are some neighbourhood cats where I live and I really, really, really want to chase them, I get very distracted and try to pull towards them! Again, an enough and a quick change of direction gets me back on track.
I was super shy and timid when I first came South. At first I could come off as being grouchy and grumbly – now that they have gotten to know me my Foster Family have learned this was my reaction to being very unsure in new situations. When I first arrived I didn’t want anyone near me and would let out a low growl if anyone came close and tried to attach my leash. I hid in my crate for the first few days. My foster family had to give me some time to decompress and used a leash to communicate with me. They would apply gentle pressure, when I moved forward they would release the pressure…it didn’t take me long to trust them! When I first got here I wanted to run and hide behind your legs if somebody new approached! As my confidence builds I’m more willing to try new things without being a grumble grots!
The car was a perfect example of this at first….didn’t want to get in and definitely did not want to get out! Now, My foster family lead me to the door with my leash and I hop right in and enjoy the ride! I’m content to sit and watch the world go by or lay down for a nice nap! Foster family secure my leash in the door so they have hold of me before the door is opened, just incase I decide to make a run for it!
I know some basic commands like sit, stay works most of the time 😜! Do you have the time to take us to balanced professional training? Professional training would be an amazing way to help us bond and give us great structure to working on my confidence. Taking me new places and letting me experience new sights and sounds will be great to help me socialize. It does not mean that I have to meet every new person or dog we come across, more that I can be comfortable with you as my coach, to know that you are in charge and together we got this. Please don’t coddle me and feel sorry for me, hard I know when I give the puppy dog eyes, but I need an owner who will take the lead, be my coach and guide me through new situations with a ‘we got this Pashmina…let’s go!’.
A condition if my adoption will be that you commit to keeping me lean so as to not put any extra stress on my old injury and joints. Currently my walks are limited to about 20 mins at a time 3 times a day, so keeping an eye on any extra calories with be vital!
There are 2 male dogs and 1 female in my Foster Home! I definitely prefer the company of the calm male dog who is about 7 years old and we get along very well, I like the older male dog too, but he can be a bit of a grouchy grandpa so I give him his space 😝. The female dog is very close in age to me and in reality we are both puppies and we are a handful…she is naughty and likes to screech at people walking by, I join in then she screeches at me, I screech back and foster mom tells us both off! Neither of us girls are good at sharing with each other so we get high value items like toys and bones in our crates to avoid a scuffle. For the most part I am happy just to hang out with the other dogs. Sometimes I get a little carried away and get in their space, I respect it when they tell me off and usually go hang out with my foster mom and help her in the kitchen (actually I’m making sure I’m first if she drops anything while she is making dinner….but shush!! don’t tell her)! My interactions with the other dogs are always supervised and my leash is attached when I’m hanging with the other dogs so the humans can quickly intervene if we get a little crazy!
I am awesome in my crate, although I sometimes need a nudge to go in….mealtimes and snack time I run right in. Other times you will need to lead me up to my crate with my leash and give me a firm ‘crate’ command. The only time I am noisy in my crate is mealtime and if the other dogs are running around…I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out)!! 😬
Meal times are really not my fault, the other dogs here really make quite the commotion…I am just joining in!
Be prepared, when I am noisy, I am really noisy, it does not last long, but seeing other dogs out of their crates and particularly if they are headed outside really gets me going!
I have my meals in my crate to help me associate it with being a good place. I am happy to nap in my crate during the day when my foster family are at work and sleep all night long. The humans get up early here and sometimes I’m just not ready when they start the day and sneak in a little snooze while they are getting breakfast ready!
When the humans are home they follow a 2 hours in, 2 hours out crate schedule. It’s important to continue this when I first move in so I do not just associate the crate with you leaving.
For the most part I am fairly calm in the house and I love to be-head stuffies! Heavy duty hard wearing toys are the best option for me unless you want to replace my toys daily 😂! I don’t try to eat the things I have ripped apart, but best to always supervise me so I don’t run the risk of eating something I should not.
I do not live with any children and given that I can be very shy when I first meet new people I would prefer a home where everyone is old enough to understand that at first I may need to do things at my own pace and not shower me with too much love too soon! As I work on my own self confidence if you smother me with affection I may become too dependent on you, which in turn may lead to unwanted behaviours. My Foster Family also say I can be like a bull in a China shop and I’m pretty clumsy and I would hate to accidentally know a little person over and hurt them. Once I am comfortable with you I will try and jump up and gives hugs, which foster mom says is rude, so we are working on this! If I try to jump up, foster family restrict my movement with the leash and give a firm down, I’m only allowed to approach people when I’m calm. A bad habit I know, but I will try and jump up on the furniture to snuggle in, but it’s not allowed here!! When I am not in my crate I have my leash attached so the humans have a direct line of contact with me.
Once I get to know you, I am very affectionate and it’s going to be important to follow the ‘no-talk – no-touch’ rule for at least the first 30 days when I join your family. Also important will be crate time when you are home, not just when you leave, so that I do not associate my crate with you leaving. I like to have the top and sides covered, but the front uncovered so I can see what’s going on. Sometimes though if I am struggling to settle you might have to cover my crate completely. Please don’t leave anything inside my crate, I will shred it to pieces 😬
I have not had any accidents in my foster home and like to take my business outside…I will try and tell you that I want out, but I am quite subtle to you will need to watch my cues…I might fidget or whine a little when I need a washroom break. I have found a favourite spot in the yard to do my business and prefer this over going on my walks. Again, keeping my leash on when I am not in the crate we help us establish a routine, if my leash is already on, it’s super quick to get me outside for the washroom!
I am super food motivated…use this to your advantage and I’ll work hard for a treat! I do know how to take them gently…but you will have to remind me. I am very interested in human food and will try to counter surf….my foster family set me up for success but not leaving tasty snacks within my reach. Again, as my leash is attached when I am not in my crate they can quickly redirect me if I’m being too nosy about food on the counters. Please remember, I need to keep lean to avoid any unnecessary stress on my joints, so any treats must be used in moderation. Foster family use some of my daily kibble when we are training and that works just fine!
So, now you know all about me! I am looking for a dog savvy confident owner that is prepared to put in the work to help me shine! What do you think, am I the missing piece of your family?


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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