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Feature Dog ~ Paradise

Age Sex Breed Weight
~ 2 Years Old Female Husky Mix 64 lbs

Need to know…
Needs a confident owner to help her come out of her shell.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Needs slow introductions Has Met


Take me down to the paradise city, Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Take me home (oh won’t you please take me home) ! 🎶
That’s me! I’m the pretty girl, Paradise! I am an approximate 2 year old female husky mix weighing in at 64lbs looking for my home! I am vaccinated, micro chipped and spayed.
** Below are some updates from my training since being with my foster care for the last 4 weeks. I will continue to develop and improve as time goes on with a confident furever fam, and I may need this time again to get to this level of confidence when joining my new home **
Since being down south with my foster mum we have been working on ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ which I’m pretty consistent with. I now walk into my crate at night when my foster mum walks beside it and points saying “bedtime”. I usually stand there for a few seconds hoping she changes her mind, but then when she says ‘bedtime’ again I walk in and lay down. I don’t whine at all anymore in my crate during the night and will stay quiet until I hear someone wake up and make a little whine to make sure you remember I’m there.
During the day when I have my crate time I still need to be lead in with my leash and sometimes give a little resistance. I need my crate uncovered and nothing around it, as I’ve pulled in my crate cover once before and even tried to pull in the blanket that my crate sits on to chew on. I like having my comfy blanket to lay on and do not try and chew on it at all.
I also eat my meals in my crate, which I go in no problem for and gobble up my food!
I’ve been working on my leash skills with foster mum and continue to improve everyday. Majority of the time I walk with a loose leash right beside my foster mum, but I do get distracted by any squirrels or bunnies that may be around. Foster mum continues walking and says “ah ah ah” and I do follow her after stopping for a second or two. I only tend to pull a little at the beginning of our first walk of the day since I’m so excited, or if we’re walking towards the car since I love car rides!
I like jumping up to see what’s going on or to show my excitement, but have been learning it’s not very nice to jump up on foster mum to show that excitement. I still need to continue training on this, but have improved greatly from the beginning.
I haven’t been socialized around people and animals so I am nervous during first meetings which causes me to growl at some people and animals. When I do make a small growl my foster mum says “ah!” and I stop. I’ve gotten used to different dogs as long as they respect my space and give me time to get used to them. Some I’ve had fun playing and running around with, and others we just hangout in the same space. With humans, if they ignore me and don’t try and pat me right away, I get comfortable around them quicker. I need further practice and confidence from my furever family to show me I don’t need to stay nervous when I continue to meet new people.
I’m a goofy girl who loves her toys, whether it’s a stuffy or a ball I have the most fun with them. I love love love the outdoors and like to run around and chase butterfly’s.
I used to whine a lot when I first came down south, but now only whine very little here and there before I lay down to settle. Foster mum continues to do ‘sit on the dog’ which is just her sitting on the couch with a short leash and I lay on the floor while she ignores me so I learn calmness and patience.
I only bark at new people approaching and haven’t said much other than that! Okay, maybe at a broom or lawn mower I’ll bark too but they’re weird looking!!
I haven’t met any cats so not sure how I would act with them.
I did meet some kiddos that came over, and licked the two year olds face but she didn’t seem to like that too much so I walked away and laid down to watch her from afar instead. Since I don’t live with any I’m not sure how I would be. My foster mum told them to quiet down and ignore me as I walked around when first meeting them.
Please be patient with my introductions so I can work on my confidence. It will be important to follow the “no touch, no talk” rule for 30 days to make me comfortable in my new setting.
The adults I’ve met are told to ignore me while I walk around them and sniff to figure them out, then I let them give me a quick light pat. Sometimes this takes a meeting or two to happen. I don’t crave attention or pats all the time, but I do like to lay around the humans and see what’s going on and sneak a pat here and there.
I haven’t had any accidents inside, and go out frequently for my bathroom business. One time my foster mum tried to go inside but I told her I still had to do more business by not going in the door. I’ve been going on two walks a day to get used to my surroundings and work on my leash skills. I’m currently living in the country and have only done trail walks so a neighbourhood will be new to me. My foster mum keeps me on a short leash and changes direction suddenly if I try and pull to get ahead. She says I am improving but need more practice.
I wasn’t so sure about the car the first time my foster mum met me, but now I jump in and think we’re going on a ride anytime we walk past the car. I like laying down in the front or backseat with my leash secured in the door to keep me from trying to lick whoever is in the front seats faces.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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