Age Sex Breed Weight
~10 Year Old Male Husky Mix 60 lbs

Need to know…
He is a very laid back boy who is a great listener. He is very good on leash. He does not like the crate but does well without one.

Vet Details

No Cats Gets along well Hasn’t Met


Good day people of the Internet my name is Norris and I am approx 10 years old looking for my forever home. If you aren’t able to be my family please give my post a share and you could help me be adopted!!!
My breed is a husky mix, I am vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and I am ready to find my forever home.. could that be you??? I am 60lbs so the perfect size I like to think! Oh I forgot to mention I am male ☺️
So let’s start with my age since some people get discouraged when they hear 10…. What they don’t hear is – I am a great listener.. I am very laid back.. I want to be with my people all the time .. I don’t get into trouble.. Sooo I am pretty sure all that sounds great doesn’t it?!?! So don’t let my age fool you!! I am happy-go-lucky! I love long walks on the beach! I love a good meal! I think we have some similarities, don’t you?! My foster dad always tells me how great of a guy I am and he’s so lucky to have me.. I hope others out there would be happy to have me too!
So next is my walking .. I am better on leash than my canine foster sisters I am told. I just know that as soon as I feel tension on my leash I need to slow down. So I am great at staying beside my foster mom on walks. I don’t react to squirrels or other dogs on my way either. I don’t even notice when other people walk by either. I do like to mark my territory after my foster sisters mark theirs, but my foster parents let me pee once and then keep me walking. I love to just walk slowly beside you. Even my foster nana can walk me and she said she can’t even walk a chihuahua!!
I am quite the quirky boy I am told! I like to do all my business in long grass or in trees or anything really that can hide me so you can’t see me 😝 another one of my quirks is that when you go to pet me I immediately drop to the ground and show you my tummy! I am guaranteed to not jump up.. I am more likely to jump to the ground. It is recommended that for the first 30 days you keep the talking and touching with me to a minimum to ensure no unwanted and demanding behaviours . I am very sweet and old so you want to coddle me but you must give me my time to decompress.
In the car I am also a gentleman! I get in and out on my own! I just sit back, smile and look out the windows! I have my leash strapped into the door so I cannot go too far. I do whine occasionally but stop after a few minutes. Foster mom helps me calm down by telling me no when I cry. We have been doing more trips in the car to good places so that I don’t associate the car with the vet and other negatives.
When it comes to eating so far I am really good. I eat every meal just laying down and enjoying it. I only have my back teeth left and a few front teeth -after 12 of my teeth were extracted coming south but that doesn’t stop me. I eat in the living room and I don’t bother with the other dogs. They also make sure not to bother with me. Foster mom is always right beside me when I eat. I have never shown any food aggression but since I cannot be crated it is best if you feed me in another space from other dogs. When I first came south I was so nervous I did not eat for a few days but once I settled in I was good to go.
As mentioned above, I do not like my crate- I broke through 2 normal crates and then after a few weeks trying with an impact crate i proved that i still could not settle inside. Being that i am a senior who is very laid back we decided to try letting me stay out of the crate while the family left. I did great! I don’t get into things. Another plus for my age☺️ But don’t tempt me with food on the counter.. I can’t promise anything 😝 I am great in the house alone and just sleep while you are away. I can be left on my own for multiple hours without any accidents.
I have never met children but I am very laid back and see no issues being with them. That being said I still need you to advocate for me around kids and monitor all my interactions.
I have met one cat… let’s just say it did not work out well 🤤 the cat looked super yummy though! I do live in a home with a cat but we make sure he stays out of my space for his safety and I am kept on my leash.
So far I have been fairly quiet and not wanting to play with any toys. I love a good brush outside. I enjoy laying beside my foster family. My dog foster sisters are great and after a few weeks I now have learned to love them. At first when I came down south I was just very quiet and did not want to be near the other dogs. But as time has gone on I have opened up more each day. Now I like to run around a little with my foster sisters but that took a few weeks.
Speaking of accidents I have only ever had 2 accidents the whole 2 months I have lived with my foster family and that was because my family didn’t noticed my queues. I don’t go to the door but I will whine and let you know I am uncomfortable. That is your indication that I need to go out.
I am a bit of a flight risk they say. When I first came into my foster home I did manage to escape by jumping her 4ft fence and run away for a few hours until I was thankfully found about 5kms away from the house. When I am nervous I look for a way to get out. The things that cause this are people trying to put me in a small space or when people try and corner me. This is why it is so important that I am kept on leash inside and outside for a at least month. This sets ruled and boundaries for me.
It is imperative that you keep my leash on me for AT LEAST 30 days in and outside the house. It will help prevent me from escaping and strengthen our bond. I have been on my leash for over 2 months with my foster.
All in all I am a very laid back old boy just looking for a forever home to live out the rest of my retirement with ❤️
Also a big thank you to Hailey Tweed for taking my photos – check her out at https://www.facebook.com/hayleytweedyphotography/


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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