Age Sex Breed Weight
14 Weeks Old Male Shepherd Mix 26.5 lbs

Need to know…
He is a friendly, gentle boy who loves people.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Gets along well Hasn’t Met but Children 3+ years and older please


My name is Nice and I am a 14 week old Male Shepherd Mix, I weigh 26.5lbs and have seen the vet and had my Vaccine and Microchip. I will need more vaccines as I get older. I still have alot of growing to do ,so I don’t know how big I will get .
I am a Handsome ,Friendly Gentle Shy Boy, I love people alot , I play with my siblings but I am a quiet guy though, I will sit back and watch what’s going on. Outdoors is my favorite time and I am happy to go out when I hear Pee Time I’m right at the door and I go out . I am always happy to have a good play with my stuffies or balls, play tug with all my siblings but I do like to play on my own.I will happily go off with a squishie ball or a stuffie when I have had enough of them and lay down by myself. I love to be handled and pet.I have sharp Puppy Teeth right now, so please watch anything you value ,cords ,shoes etc. Foster Mom directs me with toys when I want to chew on something I’m not supposed to have and she tells me “Noooo Leave it “. Having my leash on and in hand is another helpful tool to direct me away from things you don’t want me to have.
My crate training is going well, I am very good in there. I settle right down . I get fed my 3 meals in my crate, I love my food, and go in easily when Foster Mom puts my food in there ,and says “Go to your Crate “. My crate is covered all 3 sides ,not usually the front , but it can get noisy in here with my siblings, so sometimes Foster Mom covers it and I settle down . I like a stuffie to lay my head on and a nice light blanket, I like to snuggle . I am learning my crate is my safe place and all mine. My bedtime is around 11pm ,and I am sleeping until approx 6am and you won’t hear a peep from me . When I come to my new home it will be an adjustment for me being away from my siblings so I may whine a bit until I get used to my new home , and your routine. If possible please put my crate in your room so I don’t feel so alone . If all my needs are met pls don’t give in to my whining or crying, or I will think that’s all I have to do and you will let me out. Pls be patient with me if I do ♥. Please take my leash off anytime I am in my crate so I don’t get tangled up on anything ,it’s safer for me . My day time routine is 2hrs in my crate, 1hr out right now. I do get tired playing so much ,so I need downtime or if you can’t watch me at any time, it’s safer to put me in there ,so I don’t roam around the house and get into anything I’m not supposed to . You may have to give me a wee push in but I will go . Foster Mom picks up my water by 7 pm , so I can have a dry crate in the morning . I have had some damp crates but I am working on it .
My Potty Training is going well . I do love to get outside ,and will do my business out there as soon as I hear “Pee Time Lets Go “.Foster Mom watches me closely especially after meals and my water intake and gets me out right away, even when I’m playing she will interrupt me and get me out. I still have a few accidents, but being consistent with me is the key. Show me what door to use and get me out alot for success . First thing in the am get me out from my crate before I eat breakfast, and then right after, and that’s the same for every meal . I get out about every 20 min now ,when I’m not in my crate ,so I’m getting it. Having my leash on will help with this and watching me . You will get to know me, and know when I have to go .
My leash training is a work in progress but getting better because I love to get outside so that is a big bonus .!!
Foster Mom keeps my leash up high when walking so I can’t grab or chew on it. I’m so curious about everything so I’m a little zigzag all over right now,so Foster Mom stops, and brings me to her right side leash up high to continue on. I’m getting it, but consistently is the key. I’m really liking my walks I live in a rural area, so I’ve seen lots of 4X4, and big loud trucks. I just sit and watch when I’m out ,I’m not nervous of the loud noises.
We are a big hit in my neighborhood right now so alot of people are stopping to socialize with us. I love people and will go right up to anyone ,I am so friendly. I haven’t met any kids, and I don’t live with them , I’ve met mostly adults, but because of my sharp Puppy Teeth I have to go to a home with kids over 3 yrs , I need alot of attention and training right now it will be like having another kid around ,and I want to be my very best.
There are other dogs in my Foster Home, 3 little ones and a big one, I play with 1 little one sometimes, but I like the bigger one, a Husky Mix , she’s fun ,and I play well with her. We play with tug toys,she is very tolerant and patient of my Puppy Shenanigans . Foster Mom supervises all interactions so she steps right in and advocates for her, with an “Ok Enough” if I get to rough or start nipping and I stop. Foster Mom is holding my leash so it’s easier to stop it quick. Please advocate for ME and supervise all interactions with any dogs,especially if there are any in my new home . Introduce me to well balanced ,non aggressive dogs, friendly dogs, as I start my life with you so it’s all positive experiences.
There are no Cats in my Foster Home so I don’t know how I would be with them. There are 2 Birds here,and I haven’t even bothered with them , their chirping doesn’t bother me at all.
I have been in the car a few times, I do whine for a few minutes but I will settle down and sleep. Pls secure me in the car by tethering my leash in the door,just enough so I can lay down ,or putting me in a crate for my safety ,so I don’t roam around the car and will be easier for you to get me out when your ready and I don’t jump out on my own.
It is highly recommended to keep my leash on ,inside and outside my new home for at least 30 days (except in my crate )so I can learn where I can and can not go,or get into anything I’m not supposed to ,but most importantly to create a beautiful bond with my new family .
Working with a Balanced Trainer for Puppy Classes is recommended, so I can be the best pup I can be and have a great relationship with my new family for years to come ❤ .


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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