Age Sex Breed Weight
~1 Year Old Female Husky Mix 37 lbs

Need to know…
She is very bouncy and playful girl. She is easily distracted on walks. Professional balanced training would be great for her. She is learning not to jump up on people.

Vet Details

Has Met and has tried to chase Gets along well Lives with young children


Hey now! Hey Now!
This is what dreams are made of! 💕
Oh sorry didn’t see you there, I was busy daydreaming of my forever home!
Never heard of me? Well the name is Montoya (totally negotiable), and I am looking for some people to call my own.
Today is the perfect day to offer an update on how I have been progressing in my foster home!
I am approximately 1-year-old, female husky mix weighing in at 16.7kgs. I am a friendly girl who makes fast friends with everyone I meet! At the vet I was such a good girl, they microchipped, vaccinated and spayed me there! I am a super fluffy loveable girl! I always have a spring in my step because I am BOUNCY! I love to jump and play, but sometimes I have a tough time remembering not to bounce up on to people. Foster mom is keeping my leash very short and waits until I am calm to let people approach. It is a work in progress. It’s very important that you don’t overload me with too much attention. I know it’s hard because I’m just so darn cute, but this will help me to be more confident and comfortable when I am without you. I am getting much more used to this and it typically happens the most right out of my crate.
Foster mom says all this mild, wet weather means I’m due for another bath! I was a little spooked last time but I was such a good girl and quietly waited for it to be over! My long coat gets so fluffy when it’s nice and clean.
I love to hop in the car and when I do, I am a good girl and ride quietly in the back! I am a busy lady so foster mom shuts my leash in the back of her van to make sure she can get a good hold of my leash before opening the door. This helps me from flying out because I am just so excited. I am on leash all the time in my foster home (except in my crate). This is my line of communication to foster mom. She doesn’t speak dog, and I am just learning human!
While we’re on the subject of the leash, my leash skills are improving. I still need to get my sillies out before a walk, but once we start walking I do a good job following alongside. My foster mom has been working really hard with me to get me to walk calmly by her side. How do we do this? Good question! First, she tries to get me to use up some of that extra energy in the yard before we do some training. If I try to go for a walk straight out of the crate, I can be a little extra silly. I get an opportunity to get all my running and bouncing out of the way before I need to focus. If for some reason we don’t have time for this, she does a few quick 180 degree turns to help keep me on track. Mental stimulation can do the trick too and we practice sits every few steps. Secondly, she keeps my leash nice and short, so I need to stay nearby. My foster family lives in a quiet neighbourhood so there are not many people out when we go out. If we do see someone or another dog my ears might perk up. I have barked at another dog, but it was only when we were standing still, and I had a lot of time to watch them. Foster mom helps keep my focused by walking on by and not paying them any attention. This works pretty well. Thirdly, if I start pulling, she heads the other way. I’m like HEY?! Didn’t we just come from there. I am catching on quickly, but I do need reminders. I’m a very smart girl who sometimes needs a little time to shake her sillies out. Further balanced training with a professional will help us both to learn new skills to help me become the best girl I can be. It is important that we exercise my body and mind, and training does just that! We go on at least 2 walks a day. Doing this has helped me be way calmer in the house.
I am a very playful girl! I love toys! Especially the fluffy ones! However….. I do have to admit my favourite thing to do is rip ‘em up! Foster mom doesn’t love this and has instead given me a Kong toy that is much more durable. I LOVE to chew, so a Kong or bone is the perfect evening activity. Foster mom always makes sure that I’m supervised while I’m playing with toys, I think she likes collecting all the fluff. Foster mom says I should go to a tidy house where there are not items on the floor because I will mistake them for chew toys! There is also another dog that shares these toys so foster mom is sure to keep all high value toys and treats separate to make sure everyone is safe and happy. I also LOVE attention and will try to sneak up on the couch for extra cuddles. Foster mom is quick to redirect me with my leash. She said that its very important for newly adopted dogs not to be on the furniture. letting me up on the couch can cause a little bit of confusion in our relationship and may cause unwanted behaviors in the future. This is why the leash is so crucial to me learning the ropes and you communicating with me, without talking!
I am a good girl in my crate and go in without a problem. There has been a time where I was hesitant, in that instance foster mom just kept pressure on the leash and I walked right in. But foster mom feeds me in my crate so I know it is my happy place! Foster mom also keeps me on a regular crate schedule 2 hours out, 2 hours in. It really helps me so that I don’t develop any unwanted behaviors when you leave for the day. Foster mom is home most of the day, but we do practice with her leaving every now and then to take the kids to school and I have been quiet without a peep. I am quiet in my crate. I did need a bit of time to decompress in my crate the first few days, but I have grown very comfortable with it. I was doing a bit of panting and a few barks/growls when the other dog in the house walked by. This only happened my first day here but if you have pets in your home it’s also something you should know. Anytime I have made a peep foster mom just gives me a stern “hey!” and I settle right down. I sometimes will paw at the crate when I am excited to come out. Foster mom waits until I am calm and sitting before opening the door. And guess what?! I know how to wait until she says “Ok” before I am able to come out. We are also working on this command when it comes time to eat and I am becoming a real expert at this trick! Foster mom gives me my meals in my crate to help me associate it with a good, safe place. In my crate there is a blanket, and she uses a sheet to cover it. I don’t know for sure if that made a difference to help settle me down or if I just needed time. But I don’t mind it being there at all. It’s like a little room to myself! In fact when I am out of the crate I like to snuggle under the coffee table, foster mom says it’s like my own little den.
I am learning the command sit and wait. Sit is much easier than wait, although a treat or two helps me really “focus”. Foster mom is working on doing these commands without treats too and I still get the hang of it no problem it might just take some more practice. I am so smart and such a quick learner! Because we’re still getting to know one another foster mom has me wait before we go in and out of doors too. This helps me learn I can’t just bolt through an open door. She does this by getting me to sit and wait and when she says “okay”, I know I can go through. When I don’t sit and wait, she shuts the door, and we try again. Sometimes when I have an extra hard time waiting because I am so excited I might bark and hop up on my back legs, this makes foster mom laugh but she still insists I wait.
I always have my leash on when I am out of my crate. Like I said earlier, my leash is a key tool for communicating with me and helping me to learn boundaries in my new home. We practice an exercise called sit on the dog… Sounds weird I know, but it’s really not. They will only give me enough leash to sit or lay down beside them while we relax. Now remember how I said I was bouncy before, well during sit on the dog, I might try to hop up into your lap…. Apparently foster mom said that kind of against the point?! Anyway, she helps remedy this by tucking the leash under her feet until I lay down calmly. I am very quickly getting the hang of it and am growing more and more calm in the house every day. At the last meet and greet I laid down right away even with a ton of distractions! WOOHOO! Foster mom is also doing this thing called no touch no talk. It really is for my benefit to help me learn independence and when certain behaviors are inappropriate. I thrive on attention, so this is a really great way for me to just learn to be okay on my own. It would be important that my forever home also follows the “no touch, no talk” rule for at least 30 days too! Then slowly start giving me attention not all at once. It seems like a long time but I will be so much better off this way!
In my foster home, there is another dog. He is great. He is a little older than me, but we have an AWESOME time playing together. Finally, someone more my speed! We love to run, jump, and dig in the snow together. When we first met foster mom had my foster dad and the other dog (on leash) to meet us outside. We were both very calm and so they let us have a GOOD sniff of each other. Then we went for a quick walk together. This is a great way for us to get to know each other and help us bond. I did have an experience with a dog off leash at the park! This dog just ran right up to us! Can you believe it?! And guess what? I kept my cool the whole time. I had no issues and foster mom made sure the other person came to get their dog to make sure I had space just in case this dog wasn’t as friendly as me. It’s important that she advocates for me! Anytime I have an introduction with dogs, foster mom is there to supervise and make sure it goes smoothly!
There are also CATS in this foster home! Now I haven’t had a lot of experience with them because APPARENTLY, they are not dog fans. WHO isn’t a dog fan?! Anyway, similarly to the dog, I met the cats on leash while I was calm. I barely gave them a look and they were all hissy! I took a look and went the other way. Foster mom gave me another chance to get to see them and one took a swat at me! How RUDE! I have to admit, I was not very brave and ran the other way…. They spooked me! I just wanted to say hello. Foster mom will continue these interactions and keep you posted on how it goes. As for now she doesn’t think I will have a problem with cats. But she just wants to keep everyone safe and happy so we will give it some time. I have started to chase them a little bit now that I am more comfortable, foster mom think’s I’m trying to play but hasn’t let me get close. The only time I did try to play they hissed at me and I backed right off.
On top of a dog and cats, foster family has kids too! Sheesh busy people! These kids are 5 & 8. I love to give them kisses and ask them for attention too. But apparently these kids are experienced and know what “no touch, no talk” means. Foster mom has the kids working for her! I have been known to hop up and jump on them though so foster mom makes sure that anytime we are together we are supervised. I am good with the kids, I just get a little too excited and hop up on everyone. I don’t discriminate. But foster mom says that is not good manners.
I have had no accidents in the house! Foster mom is learning my cues when I have to go outside. She sits by the back door and works on the computer, and I will paw at the door when I want to go out. She is also sure to just take me out often too. When I do go out, I do my business right away! Foster mom loves this when it’s extra chilly at night.
Now, I do have to say is what I lack in manners I make up for in personality. I am a very funny, excited, and friendly girl. I can be bouncy, but I am just learning the ropes and I need someone who can dedicate the time to teaching me some rules and boundaries.
It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs from running away as they are adjusting to their new homes and learning boundaries and rules. At the same time, it will help start building the bond between you and the dog.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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