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Age Sex Breed Weight
~8 Months Old Female Husky Mix 32 lbs

Need to know…
Working on ignoring distractions on leash. She is shy so she needs a confident, experienced dog owner to help her become a confident dog.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Hasn’t Met Children 8+ years and older please


Hi, my name is Martini, and I am female Husky-Mix, around 8 months old, weighing 14.7 kg, and have been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I have a lot of energy and love long walks and playing with toys. I am looking for my forever family who has some experience with dogs!
I am still a puppy, so I have a lot of energy and like to play. In the house I am pretty good, but sometimes I get really hyper and try to run around the inside of my house real fast, looking for someone to play with me, and I’m hard to catch, this is why my foster family always leaves a leash on me, even when I’m inside the house. I am always looking for something to do to keep me occupied; I enjoy stuffed animals, bouncy balls and playing fetch. When on our walks I like to look for moles, so if you take me somewhere with sand, or loose dirt, you might find me wanting to dig and than prance down with my two front paws, like I’m trying to stomp on a small animal. I do play rough sometimes, trying to use my puppy teeth on my human family while playing close with them, but my foster family puts a stop to it by saying “No” firmly when I try. (NOTE** There should be zero physical contact and talking for the first few weeks with me to help me adapt to my new surroundings and prevent separation anxiety).
I am very food driven, so any type of food, empty containers, wrappers that are left in my area, I will try to get to them, so it’s best to ensure anything related to food is kept safely away from where I can access it. I enjoy chewing on large bones, and this will keep me busy for a long time, but if any of the kids in my foster home come around me or try to take it from me, I will want to guard it and will growl, so it’s best to give me my bones inside my crate and you work with me to stop this behaviour by carefully taking the bone away while I am enjoying the tasty treat, then letting me have it back if I am good and not growling, and repeating.
Being in a crate is new to me, and I have gotten much better going in for quiet time. My foster mom has a soft blanket on the bottom for me, as I do not like laying just on the plastic. She will tell me “Crate” and I usually will go in on my own if I see a treat in her hand, and I run right in when it’s meal time; feeding my meals in my crate has helped me to feel more comfortable in the space. Sometimes I do try to whine/bark while I’m in the crate when I can see my family around the house, I’d rather be out playing with them. When I make noise, they tell me loudly “quiet” and ignore me, then I will settle down, but it’s important to not give me any attention while I’m in the crate or I may start to whine again. I like to have some stuffed animals and squeaky toys in my crate for when I get bored. My mom has a light blanket draped over the top and sides and leaves a viewing area in the front so I can see out if I am laying down. I have super thick, hot fur, and our house is not air-conditioned, so my mom has a fan blowing on me to help keep me cool during the summer heat. At nighttime I have been fairly good, once I go outside for a final pee, I go in my crate and settle down around 10pm, and am quiet all night until my foster mom gets me up after 7am, and I haven’t had any accidents in my crate.
I have met a couple dogs from tiny to large and I pull on my leash wanting to get close to them and bark aggressively. My foster mom is working with me to introduce me cautiously with new dogs by holding my leash tight and tries to get me to sit until I settle, which I don’t like to do as I really can’t wait to get near them, and my barking often scares the other dogs as I’m quick to get right in their face. Once I get a chance to do a controlled sniff of them, I will quiet down, but because I am a puppy, I want to play with them and not every dog wants to play with the same enthusiasm as me. My foster family is working with me to keep me calm by their side when I see other dogs/animals on our walks by getting me to sit and telling me “Quiet”. I haven’t met any cats.
My foster family has older kids at home, but I am still a puppy and living indoors with humans is new to me, so I will need a lot of help to continue my training and learn my manners, so it is recommended that kids in my new home are dog savvy and 8+ years of age. I have met other adults, and I am a little shy at first, but within a few minutes of sniffing their hands and checking them out, I am usually comfortable interacting with them.
My foster family takes me outside to do my business several times throughout the day. I’m just starting to have more time out of my crate and I have had a few accidents in the house, only because they didn’t take me outside right away after letting me out of my crate, so now they are making sure they do this right away, otherwise I might look for a sneaky spot in the house to relieve myself.
My foster mom takes me for a 30+ minute walk when we wake up after 7am. I usually go pee right away, and a poop shortly after first thing in the morning, and a poop during my evening walk too. Walking on a leash was new to me, and I am getting better at not pulling as much and follow the directions of my human friends. Any sound or sight of small animals such as chipmunks, squirrels or birds, you better hang on to me, as I will want to go chase them for a meal, but my foster family knows this now, so they are working with me to not pull and to not try to chase these animals by keeping me by their side as we walk and then telling me “slow” when I try to pull. My foster mom is working with me to stay calm when we see people or other dogs on our walks by getting me to “sit” and look at her when others are passing us.
Driving in cars is new to me. My family has a van, and they always ensure to tie up my leash so I can’t escape if a door opens, and they don’t have the windows down all the way if I am close to one. I enjoy car rides and have gotten better at settling down, except when the kids are with me I want to play, so they are working on holding down my leash with their foot to try to keep me settled down. Sometimes I will bark if I see another dog while driving or humans that are close by if we are stopped somewhere. It is important to not have any food, wrappers, open drinks etc. in the car unsupervised as I will make it my mission to try to get to any remnants of food/drinks if they are around me.
I would love to find a family that can continue training with me to help me be the best doggo citizen I can be!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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