Lil Wayne

Age Sex Breed Weight
~2 Year Old Male Shepherd Mix 70 lbs

Need to know…
He had multiple pelvic fractures that have been surgically repaired. He does have pins in his leg and if for some reason they cause problems in the future, they may need to be surgically removed. Because of his pelvis, he must remain at a healthy weight and walks are very important to maintain muscle strength. He is on joint supplements as he has a higher risk of developing arthritis as he ages. He is working on leash skills. He has had anxiety in his crate and does better in a plastic crate rather than a wire crate.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Gets along well with proper introductions. Please ensure he is calm when meeting new dogs. Hasn’t Met


hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day and spending some time outside! Today I helped foster dad change his tires!
My name is Lil Wayne and I am an approximately 2 year old male shepherd mix, weighing 70 pounds. I am vaccinated, microchipped and neutered!
Before you apply there is something VERY important you must know about me. I had surgery to repair my pelvis as I had multiple fractures. As of right now it doesn’t slow me down and I can run, jump and do stairs like any other dog. I do have pins in my leg and if for some reason it causes problems in the future it may need to be surgically removed, but right now everything is good. You will have to monitor for signs of swelling, infection or pain in the area where my pins are located and on my foot. I will NEED to stay a healthy weight even if my puppy dog eyes are begging for treats. Also walks are VERY important, it is important that I keep my muscles strong! I also have a bigger chance of developing arthritis later in life and my foster parents keep me on joint supplements (I should be on these for life).
I have some very exciting news!!! I officially graduated my Physiotherapy Rehabilitation program! I have almost full extension of my hip now and gained 7 cm of muscle💪🏻. Due to neuropathy I may always walk a little wonky but rest be assured this does not slow me down AT ALL! My foster parents say I got swag 😎 Swimming in the summer would be great for my muscle building. There is always a chance that I could need more physiotherapy later if there is regression. As of right now my foster parents take me on walks/hikes up to 7km and I love it! I also love to go for runs, my foster dad takes me around the track behind the school! I am super fast!
My leash skills are pretty good, my foster parents do lots of turns and stops with me on walks as I get pretty excited. Making 180 degree turns keeps me paying attention to you and helps me avoid distractions. I will pull towards dogs and people and sometimes whine quietly, my foster parents are teaching me “leave it”. My goal is to learn to walk beside you 100% of the time, I am there as long as there are no distractions! I can be strong as I am a big boy so a confident owner would be ideal.
I am just a big energetic goofball 🤪 but I can be very pushy if you do not set firm boundaries and rules with me. I was very mouthy when I first came down South, my foster parents have done lots of work ignoring me, standing like a statue and giving a stern “no” or “ah ah” and I do not mouth at all anymore!! If you do not follow theses rules and you allow me to mouth this could lead to biting or aggression, I need someone who will continue to teach me that this is not ok. I am great in the house, I will go lay down on my bed or in my crate and relax. I am very smart: I know sit, down, paw, stay and wait, come, place and crate. I love all toys! My favourites are my kong and deer antlers to chew on, I love stuffies too but I will destroy them (for this reason I should always be supervised to ensure I do not swallow anything). I am afraid of the vacuum, loud noises, spray bottles and new things outside I’ve never seen before. When I act afraid my foster parents act calm and confident in the situation and give me treats to help me see there is nothing to be afraid of.
I am great with other dogs 🐶, I just want to play with them and don’t realize how big I am. I am always very friendly but sometimes I can be a bit too excited/rough playing with other dogs. It is important for me to have a proper head to tail introduction with new dogs and a loose leash. I will also need to be supervised with other dogs and for you to be an advocate for the other dog if I am being too much. I will lay down and relax with other dogs once I get my energy out.
I have not met any cats. 🐱 My foster parents do have two rabbits 🐰 and I am ok in the same room with the rabbits (supervised and on leash) and can be calm around them.
I have not met any kids 👶, I am not sure how I would be with them. I am very large and clumsy and may knock over young kids. I also may try to jump up if I am excited.
I love attention, it is HIGHLY recommended not to give me any attention (no talking or touching) for the first month after adoption to prevent separation anxiety and crate issues. I am great with all people and very friendly.
I have had anxiety in the crate when my foster parents leave the house, my wire crate will need many zip ties and carabiners just in case. I tend to do better in a plastic carrier crate instead of the wire crate. I have a big comforter and blanket on the bottom of my crate but it is left uncovered as I will pull the blankets in. I also always get my Kong with peanut butter when I am in my crate. I am an angel in my crate if you are home and all night long, but if you are leaving the house I will sometimes whine for a couple minutes. When I whine in the crate my foster parents use a stern “enough”. I will go in my crate on my own and I also know the word “crate”, I go running in when it’s time for food! I am always fed in my crate. I will go into my crate easily if you say crate, I sometimes try to avoid going in but will easily go in if lead on leash.
I am house trained, I have not had any accidents in the house. I will go to the front door and whine to tell you I need to go out. I usually have bathroom breaks in the morning, evening and before bed. I also get two walks per day morning and evening.
I love the car 🚗, I will jump right in when you tell me “okay”. I love to stick my head out the window 😎. I am secured in the car by my foster parents closing the leash in the door. When the car is stopped my foster parents make me wait before exiting the car. I enjoy something soft to lay on in the car.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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