Age Sex Breed Weight
6 Month Old Male Husky Mix 48 lbs

Need to know…
He is a happy go lucky, playful and friendly boy who is working on walking nicely on leash.

Vet Details

Has Met Gets along well Lives with teenagers but Children 3+ years and older please


Hi there, I’m LEARJET. I’m a 48 pound, male husky mix and I’m 6 months old. I’m microchipped and vaccinated.
Some words to describe my personality:
HAPPY GO LUCKY – I am an upbeat guy who wags his tail pretty much anytime I’m not asleep
PLAYFUL – I am a goof and love to play
FRIENDLY – I love to be around people and will happily lay at your feet
I’m a handsome boy with a beautiful coat and a face to match. I am still a puppy so I can be full of energy but I have a wonderful personality.
I’m very good in my crate overnight – I sleep from 11 pm until about 7:00 am and I’m quiet through the night. Foster mom has set up my crate in her bedroom which has helped make me feel comfortable. She also plays a noise machine for me to drown out the other noises in the house. I like a blanket in my crate and my crate covered with a sheet. Foster mom has noticed that when they go out, I sometimes whine a bit when they first leave but I do settle after about ten minutes. My foster family is currently doing a routine of 2 hours in and 2 hours out so I continue to learn that my crate is my place and it’s a good place at that. Foster mom always makes sure that I am sitting and calm before being let out of my crate. I get all my meals there to reiterate that good things happen in my crate. I will go into my crate on my own – foster mom will say the command “Crate!” and point to reiterate what’s expected and I walk in. If I don’t walk in on my own, Foster mom guides me in with my leash. It’s important that once I get adopted, I continue to get all meals in my crate to reiterate that it’s a great place to be.
I’m pretty good on a leash. When I first begin my walk, I sometimes pull a bit – it’s just because I’m excited to be out and about! After a few minutes and sniffing around, I settle in to walk happily beside Foster mom. If I have trouble focusing, Foster mom will settle me down by doing a few turns to redirect me and bring focus back to her. Once settled, I will walk with a loose leash beside Foster mom content to check out the neighbourhood. If I start to walk ahead, Foster mom puts tension on the leash, says the command “Heel!” and I slow down and walk beside her again or she will redirect me again by walking in the opposite direction to bring focus back to her. When Foster mom stops, I sit beside her. I’m getting really good at listening. I don’t react to people on walks, we haven’t met many because of Covid but when I do get to meet people I like them. Foster mom is working on having me sit whenever people walk by so I’m calm when I meet them. I haven’t met many other dogs yet aside from the ones in my foster home but if I see any dogs on walks, I just follow Foster mom and keep walking.
I haven’t had any accidents in the house. My Foster family does take me out on a consistent basis and I have also learned to sit at the back door if I need to go out. I’m learning basic commands – I’m currently learning how to sit, heel, paw, off and lie down. When I first arrived, I thought the couch looked rather comfy so I tried to put my paws on it… I also have tried to put my paws on the counter!! Leash in hand in the house works best to correct any unwanted behaviours as soon as they happen. I have had a few treats and I am very gentle when I take them.
There’s a senior female dog that lives with us and a male pup who’s also 6 months old. When I first met the senior, foster mom did introductions outside. We went for a short walk together to show that we are a part of the same pack. This female dog is much older than me and very calm and I really like her. The other pup and I get along really well! We love to play and have a lot of fun together. Interactions are always supervised and my leash is always on so Foster mom can step in if needed.
There is a cat that lives in my foster home – a female who is 9 years old. I have seen her sitting on the desk and we touched noses. To be safe, Foster mom always has my leash in hand when I’m out of my crate. It’s important to follow this rule when I go to my furever home for at least the first 30 days that I’m with you. You can communicate your expectations of me through the leash and redirect me if necessary – dogs don’t speak the same language as humans, so the leash is our main form of communicating. It helps to quickly reinforce the rules and set proper boundaries so I can be successful in my new home!
I’m a great co-pilot and will easily hop into the backseat for a ride. I can get in and out of the car on my own, though a treat on the seat does help me hop into the car faster! To continue to keep me comfortable with car rides, I frequently will go with my foster family for short drives. I will either sit up straight and be foster mom’s backseat co-pilot or I fall asleep. Foster mom secures me in the car by leaving enough slack on my leash that I can comfortably lie down in the back seat and then closing the rest of the leash in the door. It’s important to remember, I should always be safely secured in a moving car and never left in the car alone.
I live with a 15- and 17-year-old and I really like them. I am very good with them and I wag my tail every time they come into a room. I don’t jump up and wait for them to come to me.
I love toys of all kinds!! I am happy to play with my Foster family or on my own. I am a toy destroyer though so it’s really important to keep an eye on me whenever I play.
I am a very sweet boy who is content to be around people. Because of this, it’s super important to give me zero attention – which means no talk, no touch – for at least the first 4 weeks after you adopt me to prevent demanding and unwanted behaviours. I know this sounds tough, but I will be a much more well-adjusted dog for it!!
Since I’m under a year old, it’s important I go to a home with children over 3 years old. Puppies are a TON of work and require LOTS of patience and training. It’s important to be sure that you and your family will have enough time to dedicate to me so that I will be my BEST self.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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