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~1 Year Old Male Shepherd Mix 51 lbs

Need to know…
His leash skills are in definite need of improvement. He does make a bit of a fuss in his crate but quiets down.

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🚨 Igloo🚨
Ice to meet you my name is Igloo!
I am approximately 1-year-old, male shepherd mix weighing in at 51 lbs. My mom tells me that I am a very fluffy, handsome, playful, easy going and loving guy. It’s very important that you don’t overload me with too much attention. I know it’s hard because I’m just so darn cute, but this will help me to be more confident and comfortable when I am without you.
I have a clean bill of health from the nice doctor. I have been Vaccinated and I also have a microchip just in case I ever get lost. Not to sound full of myself but the nice doctor made a point to tell my mom that I was a perfect gentleman in his office!
My leash skills are definitely in need of improvement. I am all over the place and distracted by everything new to me. My foster mom has been schooling me with some techniques to improve my behavior while walking. Before we go for a walk foster mom and I will spend some time in the backyard where there are limited distractions to practice what she calls follow the leader. Foster mom will walk straight ahead then change direction abruptly, she is trying to teach me to stay with her. I’m a smart boy so I’m sure I will pick it up quickly. We practice the same game when we are out and about. If I begin to pull, first foster mom will add some tension to my leash to see if I will come back to her side. If I don’t, she will change direction and we will try again. This exercise is great for when I get distracted, mostly when I see other humans. I love attention from anyone willing to give it to me. Further balanced training with a professional will help us both to learn new skills to help me become the best guy I can be.
I am a very playful guy! I love toys or should I say I love to dismantle toys. Foster mom always makes sure that I’m supervised while I’m playing with toys, I think she likes collecting all the fluff. I also Love attention and will try to sneak up on the couch for extra cuddles. Foster mom is quick to redirect me with my leash. She said that its very important for newly adopted dogs not to be on the furniture. letting me up on the couch can cause a little bit of confusion in our relationship, and may cause unwanted behaviors in the future. I am still working on the command “wait” when it comes to my meals. I love meal time! I will get really excited and start to jump around. Foster mom doesn’t give in to my antics. She will tell me to sit and wait, Once I’ve settled, she will give me my food in my crate so I can enjoy my meal in peace.
I also listen well to commands. I can be sneaky sometimes and try to pull random things off the coffee table. My foster mom will say AhAhAh or NO and I drop it right away. I’ve also been working on leave it, sit, down, wait, and crate. I am so smart and such a quick learner that I lose interest fast and require more stimulation like treats, toys and praise to motivate me. I love a happy “YES” or good boy! When finishing my tricks. Foster mom is also very careful not to give me too many treats as rewards. She said that I shouldn’t expect them every time I do something that I am asked. I always have my leash on when I am out of my crate. My leash is a key tool for communicating with me and helping me to learn boundaries in my new home. We practice an exercise called sit on the dog.. Sounds cruel I know, but it’s really not. They will only give me enough leash to sit or lay down beside them while we relax. This really isn’t my favorite, but I’m getting much better at it. Foster mom is also doing this thing called no touch no talk. It really is for my benefit to help me learn independence and when certain behaviors are inappropriate. It may seem a bit mean, but foster mom keeps telling me it’s for my benefit and we help me in the long run.
At foster moms house, I have two much older 🐕 foster sisters. They are very stuck in their old lady ways. I try to play with them but they always get snippy and rude. When that happens, I just huff and continue to play by myself. Foster mom makes sure that my leash is always on when I am around them just in case I get too excited and start getting in their space she can lead me away with my leash. When we’re outside they are happy to show me the ropes and they have much more patience with me. When first meeting other dogs I’ve found it best to approach slowly with both of us on leash. Some pups are just as nervous as I am. Once the awkward introductions are done and I have found them to be friendly, I’m ready to play and have a good time.
My foster home also gave me my first introduction to cats! 🐈 They have their own special place upstairs behind a gate. I’m not allowed to go up there. It’s probably better that way because they just hiss at me and don’t want to play. Foster mom always makes sure I am on leash and supervised if they come around.
👶🏼As far as interacting with children, I haven’t met any in person. I have only seen them from a distance on our walks.
The only time I have a whole lot to say is when it comes to my crate. I like to have it uncovered so I can see all the action! Please don’t forget a soft blanket, stuffy and chew toy! I will go in my crate with a wee push or a couple of pieces of my kibble thrown in the back. My crate is where I eat and relax but sometimes you will hear me moan and complain for the first few minutes. 😒A loud HEY usually settles me. After a couple of minutes, I usually fall right asleep. My foster mom is good at reassuring me that I’m doing a good job when I’m quiet. It won’t be long until I have this skill mastered! I have been sleeping through the night from 10pm to 6am with no issues. Foster mom also keeps me on a regular crate schedule 2 hours out, 2 hours in. It really helps me so that I don’t develop any unwanted behaviors when you leave for the day. My crate is my safe place and a perfect place for me to decompress and relax.
🏠My house training is coming along great! No accidents or marking in the house! Foster mom is learning my cues when I have to go outside. I will tug on the leash and head towards the door or bark at foster mom nonstop until she clues into what I’m trying to say. I am also proud to say I can hold it the whole time my foster mom is at work! Its best if you keep me on leash for the first 4 weeks, that way I can let you know when I have to go outside.
🚘 I don’t mind car rides at all, I jump right in the back of foster moms truck, with some guidance with my leash. The first time I was in foster moms truck, she tied my leash to the back head rest. She said it was for my safety just in case I decide to bolt out of the truck when she opens the door. I couldn’t seem to settle. So many things to see. I wondered back and forth from window to window trying to get a good view. I even tried to jump up front. Now foster mom has a crate for me in the back, with a blanket and a toy. She said she likes it much better because I just lay down and chew on my toy. another advantage is that she doesn’t have to worry about me, or wash my nose art off her windows.
Well…. I think that just about covers everything about me.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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