Age Sex Breed Weight
~6 Year Old Male Shepherd Mix 76 lbs

Need to know…
He can be nervous around new people. Balanced professional training is encouraged to build his confidence. He is very laid back in the house.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Hasn’t Met Hasn’t Met


Hello! Hello! Hello! My name is Iceberg. I am settling into the area and wanted to re-introduce myself. Age is but a number, but if I had to put a number to it, I would be approximately 6 years old. Fun fact-this is 42 in human years! I am a whopping 76 lbs shepherd cross. Most of it is legs okay… And for all those ladies out there yes, I am neutered!
I have had my vet appointment and am vaccinated and microchipped-ouch. I was very brave getting all my needles! I went into the vet with a few owies. I had a small puncture wound on my left elbow. The vet shaved and cleaned the area, and indicated that no further treatment was required, and it’s all healed up now! My right eye is also slightly smaller than my left. The vet said it is either a congenital issues (thanks mom and dad), or a syndrome called “Horner’s Syndrome.” The structures of my eye are all normal, and it is non painful. My foster parents say that my eye gives me character.
I love long walks in the forest; I could spend all day out there exploring the trails. I do get very excited about squirrels, so be prepared for me to stop and watch them! I am amazing on my leash. I will walk with you at your speed, but sometimes increase my pace just a touch, but when I get a gentle tug or a quick turnaround to set me straight, I slow right back down. I like to do some sniffing, and will sometimes stop mid walk to take in my surroundings, there is a ton of new things to sniff around here! You’ll often find me by the front door waiting to go outside again (if I’m not busy napping).
I am an old soul at heart and I enjoy lots of naps! I do have bursts of energy where I like to run around and play. I am starting to enjoy my toys more and more. I have a favourite squirrel squeaky toy that I like to carry around often and play with- its’ the bees’ knees. The squeak peaks my interest and I want to play but sometimes I realize that this is too much work and I’d actually rather not. My foster parents always give me a frozen kong full of my dog food to keep me occupied in the mornings. I have a new puzzle toy as well that really peaks my interest.
I am continuously learning about many new things and working on new commands-they are coming along really well! For the first month my fosters kept me on my leash at all times so I could learn the rules and boundaries of their house. I now have the ability to wander the house with supervision when my foster family is home. I have mastered my “sit,” “stay “, “wait” commands in the house. I know that I have to sit and wait until I hear my “okay” command to eat all my meals-I am a very patient boy! I still have to get a bit of extra guidance for my down but I’m getting there! My foster parents have also been working on my “sit” command when I am in other environments, such as outside on walks. I am more hesitant to sit as I am doing lots of observing. I will sit down after a short period of time has passed- it is a work in progress.
My foster parents say that when I am curious, I tilt my head from side to side-they think it is very cute, I like to think I am pretty dapper and handsome. I have come out of my shell and have shown a lot more confidence in new situations. I occasionally will still get nervous around new people of situations. I would benefit from some proactive balanced professional training to continue building up my confidence levels. I am looking for good company to keep pushing me out of my shell!
I’ve had the opportunity to meet some new friends and it has gone great! I am really good with the other dogs I’ve met, even if our energy levels don’t match. I sometimes really want to play with the other dogs. Other times I will walk by them without a care in the world. I currently do not live with any other dogs, cats or tiny humans.
I am a free spirit who enjoys the outdoors. I had a few difficulties early on understanding why my humans wanted me to spend time in the crate. I have learned that it is a safe place for me to go. I can sometimes be found hanging out in my crate during the day, even when I don’t have to be! I have developed a routine in the evenings where I will wait for my foster parents to “tuck me in” for the night. Sometimes when I am ready to go to bed before them, I will let them know that it is time for them to “tuck me in”. I like 3 sides of my crate covered through the day and all of it covered for bedtime. I do protest with a few whines every now and again to keep them on their toes. When I whine my foster parents give me a stern “no” or “enough.” Sometimes I don’t need the verbal reminder, and sometimes I need a few. I have many toys in my crate (two squeaky stuffed toys, and a kong with some extra kibble in case I get bored. I don’t play with my toys much in my crate, but like to use my stuffed toys as pillows. I am very easy going now when it comes to my crate time. My foster parents are proud of how far I have come. When I am out of my crate you will often find me snoozing on my comfy dog bed.
I have not had any accidents in the house. I have started to get into a routine for my bathroom breaks.
I am still fairly new to car rides. I have developed the courage to climb freely into the vehicle with my “okay” command. I do not whine or whimper in the car. I sometimes like to sit backwards in the car, but you will often find me lying down with my face and feet propped up on the middle console sleeping. I do not appear nervous in the vehicle, but I do sometimes drool a little!
I have now had the opportunity to have a few baths. I do not enjoy the bathing, but I have learned to tolerate it. I still need to be lifted into the tub, but as long as my leash is secured to something, or someone is holding my leash I will stand still for my bath. I will stare at you with a disapproving look the whole time though. I have come a long way with my baths!
I am a loving gently giant who is ready to find his forever home. I am easy going and definitely one or a kind!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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