Ice Cube

Age Sex Breed Weight
~6 Month Old Male Husky Mix 27 lbs

Need to know…
He is a smart and energetic puppy that needs someone to match his energy. Training needs to start on day 1.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Gets along Lives with older children but Children 3+ please


🧊Ice Cube🧊
Does your home need a bit more liveliness? A little more pizazz maybe? I’m Ice Cube and I’m a puppy with one speed: GO! Running, playing, wrestling with other dogs, exploring, sniffing, this is what I want all the time, until I get in my crate where I finally find the off switch.
First the basics: I am an approximately 6 month old male husky mix. I weighed in at 27 lbs recently, but we don’t know how big I will end up. I have been vaccinated and microchipped and declared me fit to find my forever people. Whoever they are, they’ll need to be experienced and commit to training me. I have come a long way in my foster family’s care, I’ll still need work to become a calm and balanced dog.
At first when I got here I was constantly trying to bite the humans, but I have learned this is not allowed. Now I give kisses instead! To help me accept being handled, I learned that sitting still and letting the humans handle me sometimes got me a small treat. That’s worth sitting still for! I’m very food motivated. The treats were never overused though, just enough to keep me anticipating.
Here in my foster home I live with 2 adult dogs, a male and a female. I love them and really want to play, but I do challenge them to see if I can be the dominant dog. They tolerate me to an extent. Both adult dogs have told me to back off when they got tired of me biting them, and well, I didn’t listen right away and the humans had to step in. Now the humans don’t let it get to that point. They advocate for the other dogs by correcting me before the other dogs get annoyed. Over time the other dogs and I learned to play well together. The male and I love to play tug of war, while the female is more into wrestling. If I’m going to live with another dog or ever have dog friends (I hope I do!!) please be prepared to help me learn manners. All interactions will have to be supervised and on leash until I earn your trust. I have not yet met any cats, so I don’t know how I’d be with them. I do live with two school age children (9 and 12) and I’m interested in them but being very dog savvy kids they knew not to pay any attention to me while I settled in to the home. Now that I’ve been here a while, they kids sometimes take me outside for bathroom breaks or help me practice being handled. Since I’m so young and will need lots of your time and energy while I learn, I will not be a match for a home with kids younger than 3 years old.
I am learning and will rise to meet your expectations, but I will need time and patience. Just wait until you see how cute I can be when I sit calmly and look at you with a bit of a head tilt, as if to say “yes I know this is what you want from me, but I can’t behave all the time!” I know I have the potential to grow into an amazing friend and companion.
I love walks and going outside in general! I’m curious and want to pick up sticks, bits of mulch, and anything else that will fit in my mouth. Leash skills – well I’m improving but I still have a long way to go. I want to dash here and there, cross under your feet to see what’s on the other side of you, but I’m learning that humans don’t love this. It helps me learn when you do abrupt turns to make me pay attention and follow you. As soon as I start to get ahead turn around and I have to turn too. Ok, maybe sometimes I’ll end up running around you in circles, but I promise I’m improving. I do settle in quite nicely to a walk if I’m the only dog.
I have learned to love my crate as long as all my needs are met. When I’m tired out and fed and happy I will nap peacefully. I find it easier to be calm in the crate than out of it. I eat my meals in the crate which helps me love it. I get led over to the crate and sometimes need a nudge to walk in, unless it’s meal time when I run right in and sit! At night and for naps I sleep with a blanket and stuffy toy. I don’t destroy them, but please monitor me as my big teeth grow in because that might change. These days I have it covered on top but not on the sides. I don’t seem to mind much either way, and you can try different things and see what works best in my new home. I whine when I need to go out and use the bathroom, but you can be proactive and work with a schedule of 2 hrs in the crate and 1 hr out. Take me outside to do my business both at the beginning and end of that hour, and I will keep accidents to a minimum. I have never pooped in the house here, but I have had plenty of pee accidents. Great news though! I haven’t had a pee indoors for many weeks now. There’s no guarantee I will be perfect in my forever home, but here it’s no longer an issue. Our bedtime routine is that I don’t get water after 8 pm, and get taken out for a last bathroom break around 11 pm. After that I don’t make a peep until morning. With the sun rising early these days, I usually wake up between 6-7.
Car rides are fun! I want to explore and chew on everything in the car of course, so make sure to secure me so I don’t get in your way. Securing me in the car also means I won’t have the chance to run out when you open the door. You can tie my leash to something or just leave a loop of it sticking out the door. Since I’m still little I get lifted in and out.
Training me from day 1 will be very important! One essential piece of this will be to keep me on leash anytime I’m out of my crate for a minimum of 30 days. Having me on leash will keep me from getting into trouble and give you a quick way to prevent me from jumping up or grabbing something I shouldn’t. Another element of my early training is to not pay me too much attention at first. I need practice being handled, but no petting, cuddling, kisses, or even talking more than necessary for the first few weeks. I need time and space to settle in and I really need to learn that I’m not in charge. It will help me feel secure on my own if I don’t start off relying on human interaction. Working with a balanced professional trainer is highly recommended! They will help you to help me be my best self.
Of course, you’ve probably realized by now I will need plenty of exercise! Physical exercise is important but mental exercise will tire me out even more. Not everyone realizes that mental exercise includes teaching me to be calm without the need for stimulation. We do an exercise called “sit on the puppy” but no need to worry – nobody actually sits on me! They sit on my leash giving me only enough slack to lay down. No toys, no interaction, and they just wait for me to settle down. It takes time and I do try and chew their toes or the chair legs, but eventually I get calm and lay down.
Well? Whaddya think? Am I a bit much or do I sound perfect for your active life? If you want to apply to adopt me, please first ask yourself if you’re ready to work through any issues that may come up.
I would like to send a big thank you to Julie of Memory Garden Photography for my new photos! Check out her work https://m.facebook.com/memorygardenphotography/


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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