Age Sex Breed Weight
~4 Month Old Male Husky Mix 20 lbs

Need to know…
He is a very sweet and adorable boy with a bit of a shy side.

Vet Details

Has Met Gets along well Hasn’t Met but Children 3+ years and older please


Hey you! Are you ready to meet your new best friend?! I’m GASPER and I can’t wait to find my forever family! If my gorgeous baby blues didn’t make you fall in love yet, then keep reading and I’m sure you will!
I’m a very sweet, adorable boy with a bit of a shy side. I love this beautiful weather that’s starting, so my favourite things right now are going for my walks, and just relaxing in the backyard with my foster parents and fur foster siblings. I also love chasing the occasional tennis ball! I enjoy quietly following my foster parents around in the house to see what they’re doing too. I just want to be included!
I’m an approximately 4 month old male Husky mix weighing in at 20 lbs! I went to the vet and was such a good boy. They said they were very impressed with me and all think I’m so handsome. Now I’m vaccinated and microchipped! I’m a little skinny, which my foster family is helping me with by feeding me 3 times a day while I’m young. Otherwise I’m healthy and ready to find my new family!
So far I’ve been doing really well with my crate training! I’m starting to get better at going in when they lead me with my leash and say “in”. I eat all of my meals in there to make it an extra positive experience, and even get a kong with peanut butter in it when foster mom leaves for work which I love! I sometimes cry for a minute, but if they ignore me I typically stop. I tend to stay nice and quiet in there, and actually enjoy my crate time. I go into the crate multiple times through the day, doing 2 hours in and then one hour out to practice while they’re home because it’s important that I get used to it, so that I can be independent and not attention seeking or associate the crate with you leaving. I also like a lot of sleep, so it’s important that I have crate time to nap. I have a rubber ball, my teddy bear and Kong inside the crate that I can play with, which helps to keep me occupied. I also like a nice comfy blanket inside to sleep on, and a light blanket over the crate because I get too excited when I see what’s going on around me. I’m very good at bedtime and let my foster parents sleep all night without a peep as long as I’ve done my business before going in for the night!
I don’t live with children right now so I’m not sure how I’ll do in a home with them. I will need to go to a home with kids older than 3 because puppies take a lot of time and commitment!
So far I’ve loved mostly everyone I’ve met! I usually greet people with kisses, but occasionally have been a little shy and cower if they move too quickly. My foster parents always advocate for me though and don’t ever force me to get pet by anyone if I don’t seem comfortable. Being around a lot of people is new for me, so it may take a little bit of practice and patience! Taking me to a balanced dog trainer will be a great idea to help get my confidence up!
I live with 2 other dogs in my foster home that I get along with well so far. My foster parents keep me on leash and supervised at all times so that they can advocate for them and take me away from the situation if need be. So far I’ve been very calm around them, and we like being in each others presence! Sometimes they play fight, and for now I just watch from the side lines. Maybe one day I’ll decide to get some wrestling in!
I also live with a cat that I haven’t really hung out with much yet. He walks by every once in a while, or occasionally lets me sniff him but if I get too excited he walks away from me. I’m also on the leash though, so if I decide to bother him, they can easily take me away from the situation.
I’m doing well with my housetraining so far too, and haven’t had any accidents yet in my foster home! I’m on a good schedule of being taken outside right when I come out of the crate and before I go back in, so I don’t feel the need to make those mistakes. I’m also always on leash in the house so if I was about to make a mistake, like starting to squat, my foster parents could catch me right away and take me outside.
So far leash walking has been going really well too! I barely ever pull, but if I do my foster parents will turn and walk the other way in order to show me that I have to follow their movements. So far I haven’t shown any signs of reactivity when I’ve seen people or dogs on our walks. Foster dad said I’m a natural at leash walking, so he loves our morning walks together!
I’ve also been really good in the car so far and just sit there and look out the window, or lay down. I usually get a lift into the car, and then foster mom puts my leash in the door to act like an anchor so that I can’t explore. It also makes it easy for her to grab my leash before she takes me out, so there’s no possibility of me running off.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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