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Feature Dog Kaboo

Age Sex Breed Weight
4.5 Years Old Male Lab Mix 73 lbs

Need to know…
Please read below about my medical information and know training is mandatory

Vet Details

Gets along well Requires proper introductions Children 18+ years and older please


My name is Kaboo and I am the feature dog. I don’t take this honour lightly. I have been working hard since being rescued and I’m ready to find my furever family. I hope that’s with you ! I am a calm, happy boy that loves affection of any kind. However, sometimes if there is another dog around, I may try to pull or bark at them. At social events and on my walks I wear my training collar so a quick reminder and I am back on track. I need a little extra time to warm up to other dogs so proper introductions are very important for me. Even though I have made huge progress since my arrival, I am looking for an experienced dog owner with not only a big heart but also strong leadership abilities that can help me continue my training in a positive manner. Mandatory training with an FTH-approved trainer in our area after you adopt me will help us bond and give us tools so we can have an amazing future together. It would mean the world to me to find just the right family and begin my new life. I am 4.5 years old, a lab mix, male, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and I tip the scales at about 73 lbs. Foster mom says I am just perfect even though I do moan and groan in my sleep. I am also totally house trained and crate trained although I don’t like my crate covered as I get too hot in there. By the way, I am smart and know how to open the crate door with my nose, so I recommend you put a carabeener on there unless you want me to greet you at the door one day. My life got off to a rough start before I was rescued – my pelvis was broken in an accident and since there are no vets up there to provide care, I ended up with some bone alignment and neurological problems. But even though my leg doesn’t quite work perfectly together with my hip socket – which gives me a sexy wiggle when I walk – I’m able to get around very well thanks to medication I’m on (Metacam and a hip and joint supplement) that takes away the pain from arthritis. And for $200 for a 3-month supply I can enjoy life with you with minimal pain.

My past injury is the reason it is very important I maintain my ideal weight so as not to put undue pressure and stress on my other joints and muscles. I wear a boot on my right rear paw on walks to protect my toes as they drag sometimes. While I can’t go on any marathons, I can go on walks up to 2km twice a day. Yes, I enjoy being petted, getting gentle back scratches and being brushed. If you are sitting, I will come over and put my head on your lap for some loving, or follow you to the bathroom as I am hoping I might have your undivided attention there. I need to be kept calm – when I get too excited I might go back to my old habit of jumping up and mouthing, and my humans have told me that’s not good behaviour. I did get upset with someone once in the past – I was in a lot of pain since I wasn’t on pain meds and the person laid down on me. The only way I could get him off me was to give him a quick nip – I had never done that before and never since. It’s best that I go to a home where no one is under 18. They have a cat in my foster home and I just ignore him. I already know some basic commands and I sit and wait to eat my food in the kitchen until I get the “ok”. I get along with some dogs (I can be selective) and others I just ignore. And then there are some I may not like at all. It seems I fancy the calm ladies more who are medium to large size. Foster mom is so proud of my advancement in this area already, but with patience and training I’ll get even better at this. Vehicle rides are ok as long as it isn’t hot in there! Depending on your wheels I may need a boost to get in but I can jump out no problem at our destination. I lie down on the back seat so I don’t lose my balance when we’re driving somewhere. So, bottom line, if you’re that strong leader type that’s willing to invest in me to bring out my best, we’ll hit it off and you’ll have a happy, loyal companion.


Don’t be afraid of these words! Here are a couple of reasons we require mandatory training for some of our awesome dogs:

 The dog doesn’t get along with ALL dogs.
That’s fine if you want to stay a hermit but we know the dog has potential to be ok with all dogs. Also, just like people, not all dogs like all dogs. You don’t like every person you meet but it’s expected we are cordial and that is the expectation of dogs as well.

 The dog is super nervous.
Many people have a tendency to allow their dog to stay in this state of mind their whole life but that is not healthy for the dog. We want a dog that trusts and is balanced as well as happy. Meeting with a professional trainer is exactly what these dogs need and you as the adopter needs to work hard at building that trust!

 The dog has zero manners.
Many of our returned dogs have come back to us this way and we want to decrease the chance that they will be returned again for the exact behaviour they showed before. All dogs require rules and boundaries. Love is not enough.

“I once owned a dog that was aggressive towards some dogs. I thought I was just going to have to avoid other dogs throughout his whole life and I became ok with that. Then I met an amazing trainer who has since helped me and we’ve walked and hiked with so many different dogs now! Throughout all the hard work I’ve met so many people and learned so much about myself.”

Don’t be afraid to adopt the dog that requires the mandatory training! It is an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with an awesome dog, meet new people and learn so much! For those of you with dogs that have issues, don’t avoid the issue. Get out and get training and work your butt off so your dog can be happy and so can you!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 14 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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