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Age Sex Breed Weight
4 Years Old Female Shepherd Mix 58 lbs

Need to know…
Mandatory Training – Don’t let this scare you, but please read her bio!

Vet Details

Cat free home please Has been working really hard on her manners with other dogs Children 15+ years and older please


I am searching for my forever home!
My name is Dandee & I am one of the Apple Litter.
My mom came from a small northern community known as Fort Hope.
My siblings & I were born here in foster care.
I was a lucky puppy that did get adopted, but due to some bad behaviour as I grew up, I came back into foster care 7 months ago.

Let me back up a minute so we can get all the fancy particulars out of the way.
I am Dandee & I am a 4 year old spayed female Shepherd/Husky mix.
I am up to date on my vaccines & I have my microchip.
I am house trained & crate trained.

I am a very adventurous girl, I love to hike, swim, and explore. I have been camping with my foster family and they say I did amazing!! I am an explorer & a hunter, I have caught squirrels, chipmunks, birds, bunnies & snakes. I always want to share my winnings with my humans! They have no sense of humor though and don’t want my offerings.

When I first came back into foster care, I was on medication for some mild incontinence that was thought to be related to me being spayed. However, the rescue vet stopped the medication in December and I have not had any issues with incontinence in my foster home in the 7 months I have been here.

So as I mentioned, I developed some bad behaviour as I was growing up.
Two behaviours that really stand out, I am not a fan of small dogs and I like to guard things. I guard my crate, food and toys.

I am going to touch on certain items so you will know everything about me & so we can be sure we are a good fit for each other.

Small dogs…
I have unfortunately caused injury to a small dog when it got to close to my crate, so this is an absolute no for my future home please.

I would also do best in a home with kids over the age of 15 please. Little kids are louder, faster moving and make me nervous. I don’t like when they get too close to my crate.

Meeting other dogs…
I am good with other dogs, medium to large size, once I have been properly introduced.
I like to be the boss and have had to work on my manners when I meet other dogs. Once we meet, I am very playful.

I have not met a cat, but due to my interest in small dogs and other critters, my mom does not feel it will be a good option for me. No cats please!

My ideal future family…
I need an experienced dog owner who is familiar with stronger personality dogs. One that will step up and show me the way.
One that will help me continue on my training path and help me continue to learn proper manners.
My foster mom says I have improved so much and I want to continue to do so.
I need a forever family to have strong leadership skills, so I can look to you for guidance & not have to do it myself.
I need you to advocate for me so that I can trust you.
Trust is so important!

Mandatory Training…
I have been working hard on trying to work through and overcome my discomfort of small dogs and my guarding issues.
Training is a really great actually, it helps to build a healthy bond & develop my trust in you.

I had not had a reaction in my crate for quite a few months but just recently, while coming home from a meet & greet, my foster mom and I stopped at a vegetable stand. While she was getting us some fresh veggies, a lady came over to my foster mom’s car and tried to pet me!
Who does that?!
I was scared and tried to protect my space. My foster mom was not happy and spoke to the lady about how inappropriate her actions were.
This incident set me back a bit and I tried to protect my crate again. My foster mom was quick to show me how to look to my leader and things settled again. It is so important that I can look to you & know you will protect me.

Car Rides
I am a really great traveler. I love to go for car rides, you won’t even know I am there. I am happy to be with my people wherever that may take me. I’m always game for a good adventure.

Personal Care
I love love love to be brushed! Especially when I am blowing my husky coat.
I am not a fan of having my feet touched so not a fan of having my nails cut. It is a necessity however, so it needs to be done. I have had to wear a muzzle while having my nails cut. Sometimes I need to wear a muzzle when having my nails cut.
Oddly enough, I get really excited about my muzzle! If you hold it up, I will pop my nose right into it, not trouble at all. My foster mom, says that is just one of my funny quirks!

My foster mom says I really am an overall fun loving & goofy girl!

Mandatory Training

Don’t be afraid of these words! Here are a couple of reasons we require mandatory training for some of our awesome dogs:

 The dog doesn’t get along with ALL dogs.
That’s fine if you want to stay a hermit but we know the dog has potential to be ok with all dogs. Also, just like people, not all dogs like all dogs. You don’t like every person you meet but it’s expected we are cordial and that is the expectation of dogs as well.

 The dog is super nervous.
Many people have a tendency to allow their dog to stay in this state of mind their whole life but that is not healthy for the dog. We want a dog that trusts and is balanced as well as happy. Meeting with a professional trainer is exactly what these dogs need and you as the adopter needs to work hard at building that trust!

 The dog has zero manners.
Many of our returned dogs have come back to us this way and we want to decrease the chance that they will be returned again for the exact behaviour they showed before. All dogs require rules and boundaries. Love is not enough.

“I once owned a dog that was aggressive towards some dogs. I thought I was just going to have to avoid other dogs throughout his whole life and I became ok with that. Then I met an amazing trainer who has since helped me and we’ve walked and hiked with so many different dogs now! Throughout all the hard work I’ve met so many people and learned so much about myself.”

Don’t be afraid to adopt the dog that requires the mandatory training! It is an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with an awesome dog, meet new people and learn so much! For those of you with dogs that have issues, don’t avoid the issue. Get out and get training and work your butt off so your dog can be happy and so can you!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 14 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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