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Age Sex Breed Weight
3 Years Old Male Lab Mix 80 lbs

Need to know…
Has allergies – please read bio!

Vet Details

Gets along well but likes to play chase – allergic to cats! Gets along well Gets along well


Cayman here!! You might remember me from my heart stopping good looks! I am the kind of guy that likes a long walk in the park or on the beach followed by some Netflixs and belly rubs! So if hikes and binge watching a new series is your thing I am probably the guy for you!

I know its been a while since I have given you an update on me and I am sure you have missed reading all about me so I thought I would drop you line and check in.

I am a gorgeous, loving, brindle lab mix who comes in on the larger side. My recent weigh in has me at 80 pounds. This is a great weight for me and my ideal Forever home will work hard to keep me at this weight, with a balance of great food and lots of exercise.

For all the lady dogs out there who think I am stunning and would like some pups who look like me I am sorry to tell you that I have already been neutered. I am also vaccinated and microchipped.

Lets get the nitty gritty out of the way so I can keep telling you all my wonderful features!

As many of my loyal followers know already, I have allergies! Even though its not really that hard to manage it has made it a bit harder for me to find a forever home. Foster mom says that is partly because I need medication so I cost more than your average dog. She also tells me though, who ever adopts me will find its worth it since I will be such a loyal companion.

For a long time I took a medication called Apoquel to help control my itch. Recently though my amazing vet team suggested I try a new medication called Cytopoint. It is a lot better for dogs because it has much fewer long term side effects. It does the same thing as Apoquel would, but I don’t have to take it every day. It is one injection that can last anywhere from 4-12 weeks. So far it has been six weeks since my last injection and I haven’t need a top up. Foster mom says one injection is about $160 dollars. So the longer it lasts me the more cost effective it becomes. This was my first time getting it so I don’t know yet how long it will last for but at six weeks it is already becoming a less expensive option then Apoquel was.

Things I would like to avoid are, a home with small rodent type pets as I am allergic to alfalfa. I also wouldn’t do well with birds as I’m allergic to feathers. I would do better in a home with mostly hard floors as I’m allergic to dust mites and they love carpet. I am allergic to cats but I do live in a foster home with a cat. One short haired cat is probably okay but multiple cats would be an issue for me.

My other allergies are either mild or managed with medication and are things that are hard to eliminate like ragweed, some trees and other environmental allergens. I know that sounds like a lot but in my foster home I do fantastic.

Some things that help me with allergens that can’t be avoided are, keeping my home clean and tidy so dust mites are fewer in numbers. If you have a cat keeping the litter box as far away from me as possible in a space I can’t access like a laundry room or a space with a cat door so I can’t go in. Instead of using a dog bed a nice blanket folded on the floor works nicely for me because it can go in the laundry often. Being mindful of what you plant in your yard (NO golden rod please!) and keeping me indoors when you cut the lawn. And maybe most important making sure I only eat my own dog food. No scraps or human food or regular treats that other dogs might get.

I do eat a vet food with limited ingredients and it costs about 100 dollars for a large bag which lasts me about a month. The rescue who looks after me has done some food trials and this is really the best food for me. The food is called KO and the protein source is Kangaroo. Some pet stores also carry dehydrated Kangaroo tails which are okay for me as a treat now and then and a pure Kangaroo treat made by Natures Own.

I see an allergy vet in Guelph and when I am adopted my Forever Family will need to make an appointment to get to know them and after that once a year as long as things are going well. For things like regular vaccines or non allergy related issues I can go to your regular vet close to your home.

As I mentioned earlier I do take some medications to help me along. I told you all about Cytopoint but the second medicationI take is by injection once every two weeks. (just under the skin so once you know how you can easily do it at home) This is similar to a human allergy shot and over time it will hopefully help to reduce my reaction to allergens. This medication costs about 390 dollars and lasts me for approximately four months. As time goes on I may be able to wean off of this shot or need it less frequently but my Forever Family should be prepared for the cost if I need to keep the serum shots up long term. I know this seems like a lot but I promise it’s not as overwhelming as it seems.

I love to wrestle, play tug and chase balls with the other dogs in my foster home. There are males and females and we all get along really well. I have learned which dogs like to play the most and I leave the older dog alone as she doesn’t like to play much. She will still play chase with me at the park though and that is lots of fun!

I have met other dogs out on walks or dogs that visit my foster home and I have always gotten along. I could still use some work on approaching new dog friends a bit more slowly as I do like to charge over to say hello.

As I mentioned above I do live with a cat. I sometimes bother him by chasing him when he runs but I never try to catch him even when I’m as fast as he is. When my foster mom tells me to leave him alone I do.

I love toys of all kinds! I can play fetch though I do like to run around with the ball for a bit before I return it to you. In the house I like chew toys and soft toys as well. I admit I am not easy on toys and they will need to be replaced every now and then. Please be mindful they are not flavoured (like chicken or bacon). If you want to play tug I am your man! It is a super fun game for me. I can kill a tennis ball in about 3 minutes flat and I will eat pieces of them so this is one to avoid.

I am strong and I am working on not pulling on leash. Sometimes I use a halti which is helpful. The more I get out walking the better I do. When my foster family walks with me we do lots of sit and stays, changing direction if I pull, and jumping over and on things along the way like benches, large rocks, steps etc. If you keep my mind busy while I am out walking it helps me to pull less and focus on you more for my next instruction. Foster mom says she doesn’t think my prey drive is super high but I will chase off the birds at the beach or a squirel in the backyard.

Working with an experienced trainer would be a benefit to me also and would help me master my leash skills even faster.

I don’t live in my foster home with children but I have lived with them before and I get along great. My Forever Family does need to be mindful that I’m bigger though and I could knock a toddler over by accident. I do sometimes, if the mood is right, like to consider things that are not my own as personal toys so if I live with children they need to be mindful of picking up toys and keeping bedroom or playroom doors closed. Children in my forever home need to be old enough to know not to feed me their snacks or leftovers. If my Forever Home had children I hope they would want to play with me. I would make a great friend! Kids 8 and older would be great for me.

I tend to want to eat your food so I should be taught to stay away when you are eating or I should be crated. People food is REALLY not good for me because of my specific diet. I do have some really sad puppy dog eyes but you should not cave into them. Human food will make me sick. Given the chance, I would counter surf. I’m working on remembering that counters are not for paws. It is really important that food is not left out for me to get at. For a guy who can only have a limited diet it’s crazy how much I love foods I should not have.

I’m great in my crate if no one is home or if my foster family is sleeping. I need my crate to ensure that I don’t get into things that don’t belong to me and it helps me to understand that I have boundaries and don’t rule the roost. Sometimes my foster family lets me sleep out of my crate at night on the bedroom floor, but they want me to remind you that this is because I have lived here for over a year and I have earned that privilege. When they are not home I am ALWAYS in my crate. I eat in there also as there are other dogs in the home and my foster family doesn’t want to risk any meal sharing happening since I have my own special food.

I am a gentle giant with a playful side. And everyone who knows me loves me to bits. My foster family says I am very easy going and I bring a comforting presence to the home I am in. I am loyal to my humans and I like to be around them. That might be laying on the floor while you watch TV, hanging out with you in the yard, going for walks, playing with human or dog friends or going on drives with you in the car. I am a great companion and I would love to explore the world and have fun experiences with you.

I really am looking for a home that is FOR-EV-ER! I have been waiting a really long time and I have had a few almost forever homes, but by no fault of mine they didn’t work out. I am looking for forever people that will stick by me if they move, have a baby, a marriage doesn’t work out, no matter what! I AM worth it! My foster mom says that anyone who adopts me will have hit the dog jackpot!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 14 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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