Age Sex Breed Weight
~6 Year Old Male Husky Mix 58 lbs

Need to know…
Was noisy in his crate at first but has gotten much better.  He walks pretty well by himself but does pull when walking with other dogs and will pull to meet other dogs and people on walks. He did show some resource guarding with the other dogs in the house but never with humans. This is no longer an issue.

Vet Details

No Cats Gets along well Hasn’t Met


BOADY is my name and I’m an approximately 6 year old male husky mix weighing in around 60lbs. I am neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. I am a chill, friendly, happy go lucky dude who’s looking for my forever home!
Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first so I can tell you all the amazing things about me!
I cannot go to a home with cats. My foster family has 4 and I try to make a snack out of them, so dogs only please! I pull like crazy, whine and jump up when I see a cat. I get too wound up when I see them and want to chase them. I sniffed one of the ones here and she gave me a prompt smack on the nose, but that didn’t deter me one bit.
My leash skills admittedly aren’t the greatest when I’m walking with other dogs, but they e improved so much! And when I’m on my own I walk really well! Foster mom has been working on lots of leash work and sits. I have pretty well gotten the hang of things. When I started to pull ahead, foster mom did a quick 90 degree or 180 degree turn and kept walking. Though now all she needs to do is a little tug on the leash and I remember that she wants me to walk beside her, so I do! I have been using a prong collar and that has helped a ton! I have come so so far with my leash skills that foster mom boasts to anyone who will listen.
I have tried to resource guard the water bowl when one of the dogs tried to drink out of it with me, after a walk. Foster mom corrected me and I didn’t make a fuss again. I’ve also resource guarded my crate during meal time. Both times have only happened with the other dogs in the house, not with humans. I was given a sharp, firm “NO” and I cut it out.
I have to admit, I’m not a fan of nail trims. I’ve put on quite the show when I got them trimmed at Thee Place for Paws. Something about people touching my front paws bothers me, but my foster family is working on desensitization every day!
Yay! Boring stuff is over.
I do really well in my crate! I’ve learned that it isn’t a bad place at all! When my foster family gets up in the morning, I barely even lift my head! When they come home, sometimes I don’t even get up to greet them at the door, I just lay on the dog bed and wag my tail. I settle super fast in the crate and don’t bark anymore! I do whine for maybe 10 seconds once you leave, but then I stop and just fall asleep. I currently have 3 sides of my crate covered with a blanket and I seem to be okay with that. I spend 2 hours in my crate and 2 hours out. This schedule is working for me and when I’m out of the crate, I settle nice and fast and just sleep at my foster parents feet, on one of the many dog beds they have here or in the sun spot infront of the window. I know the word “crate” and though sometimes I do try and run the other way, I will trot in all on my own! I just want to spend more time with my foster family. I also know that my foster humans expect me to wait before I come back out so I sit so nicely for them!! Please keep me on a leash in and out of the house for the first 30 days. This helps me learn all of the rules of the house and helps me become the best dog I can be. I have started to take myself to bed at night! Once foster dad lets me out for my final pee, or I’m feeling tired, I will get up and take myself to my crate! I know the routine so well. My foster family is so proud of me for doing this, I have made huge progress since coming down south!
Keep an eye on me though as I’m a bit of a ham and will try my luck and run down the hall and jump onto the bed with you and try to snuggle. I know I’m not allowed on the humans bed but it’s just so comfy and I want to be close to them. I will jump down as soon as I’m told to and lay on the dog bed on the floor until it’s time to go in my crate.
Please follow the no touch, no talk rule for the first 30 days! I know I like to talk to you, but please don’t talk to me. I need strict rules to help me not develop separation anxiety or any other unwanted behaviours and to help me learn the rules of your home.
I am a very friendly dude! I like meeting people and dogs! I like to get pets from people and enjoy playing with the two female dogs in my home. We play nice and gentle! I like to play tug with my foster sisters but my most favourite game is fetch with my foster humans! I will grab a toy or ball from the toy bin, toss it in the air at my foster mom and nudge against her until she plays with me. My favourite toy is a ball that squeaks. I will find it and bring it to you when I think it’s time to play. I get very excited and sometimes loud when I see another dog. I will need proper, calm, on leash introductions when meeting new dog friends. If I get too excited, I will have to turn, walk the other way and try again until I am nice and calm. I am currently living with two adult female dogs. I’ve met some of my foster family’s friends dogs and though I am talkative, I just sniffed them and let them sniff me. We didn’t have any issues!
I like to be near my foster family whenever I can. I like to grab their attention by talking to them. I can be a little noisy but I sure am cute!
I do not live with any kids but I have met some! I let them pet me and just watched them as they ran around with my foster sibling. They were giggling and screaming but that didn’t seem to bother me. I’ve met lots of kids at meet and greets and I just let them pet me, and sometimes I’d try and sneak in a kiss. When I meet new people, I like to pull until I get to them. I need lots of reminders to stay calm when meeting them. Not everyone likes a big dog running towards them, so we do lots of turns and waiting, until I’m calm enough to say hi. I will lean against the person petting me and wait for some attention. I haven’t met a person I don’t like! Because I am such a vocal boy and want your attention, it’s imperative that you follow the no talk, no touch rule for me. I’m not a fan of that rule, but it will help curb any unwanted behaviours and teaches me the rules of the house.
I am fed in my crate, and at meal time, I get super excited and bark and run and jump in circles towards my crate. My foster humans make sure I am calm and sitting nicely before putting my bowl down though. I’m very good at waiting! I am let out to do my business before going in my crate and after I come out of it. I haven’t had any accidents in the house either! I will let you know if I have to go outside! I’ll whine, pace and wait by the front door.
I love car rides! If the car door is open, I go running for it and make myself at home in the backseat. My leash is closed through the door, so someone can grab the end before letting me out, so I don’t dart away, just to be on the safe side. I also need my leash wrapped around the backseat headrest, leaving me just enough room to lay down as I think I need to be in the front seat with foster mom all the time, and will try my hardest to get up there, but she doesn’t agree. For our safety, I’m tethered in the backseat. I jump in the car all on my own! Car rides mean walks so I just want to go go go! Foster mom said I need to tell you that I do whine a bit when we’re driving, I’m just so excited to go!
Please remember to keep me on a leash inside the house and outside for the first 30 days after I come home! My foster fam says I truly am an amazing dog and I can’t wait to show my future family how true that is!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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