Age Sex Breed Weight
~ 6 Month Old Female Husky Mix 35 lbs

Need to know…
She’s a spunky, loving and fun little girl with a big personality. She had Demodex when she first came down. It has cleared up now. There’s a chance it could come back if her body gets super stressed, but as long as she has a good immune system she should be good. She would not be a good fit for an apartment.

Vet Details

Hasn’t Met Gets along well Doesn’t live with but Children 3+ years and older please


They say blonds always have more fun and that definitely goes for me too! And who can resist a blond like me?! Petite, long legs, blue eyes and silky soft fur – I’m just the most perfect little lady! Now you just need to swipe right (and do some paperwork) to add me to your family!
My name is Alli and I’m an approximately 6month old female husky mix. I’ve visited the vet a few times now and have been given some needles (vaccines and microchip), some yummy treats, and just recently I went in and they made me really sleepy. When I woke up I was still quite sleepy and had this tiny incision in my belly and said now I’m spayed.. whatever that means..
Though it’s not polite to ask a lady her weight I currently weigh around 35lbs and have been told I’m the perfect size. We don’t know who my parents are so aren’t sure how big I’ll end up. Over the last few months I’ve been in my foster home my foster parents and other keep speculating how big I’ll get or if I’ll stay petite. When I first came to my foster home I was a sad looking scraggly puppy with a bad case of demodex, which a skin condition brought on by stress and poor immune system. With the right meds and diet I got the all clear, and my fur is looking ah-mazing! There is a chance it could come back if I ended up with a poor immune system and my body gets super stressed again, but its less likely to happen as I get older.
I’m a spunky, loving and fun little girl with a big personality! I can be pretty shy of new people and dogs at first, and will bark at them, but once I warm up I’m good to play! You should always let me have time to approach new people or dogs on my own terms or even better go for a walk together to warm up. I love to wrestle, but if no one is up to it I’m happy to chew on some toys! My favourite is a stuffed unicorn but it’s not so stuffed anymore.. foster mom found some plush toys without stuffing and now we are both happy!
I am lacking in confidence (nervous of new people, places, etc) so foster mom and I have been working on some basic training to help, to say it’s a work in progress is being nice. Babying me will not help in the long run, but taking me to new places, meeting new people and exploring in a structured manner is great for building my confidence. Starting to work with a balanced trainer right away is a great idea rather then waiting until other issues arise later on.
Leash work will be a great spot to start as I like to walk everywhere except beside my foster mom 🤷‍♀️
When I get too far ahead or to a side the humans will quickly change direction (180s) to get my attention back. I’ve met some other dogs and critters on walks and I get quite excited and will bark! If they get too close I get nervous, will continue barking and try to hide behind someone if I can. The humans usually ignore my shenanigans and continue on the walk- the more they give in the more likely I will continue or react next time.
One part of my training I’m doing well with is the crate! Now I don’t go in on my own very often, but I certainly do at meal times! I get sooooo excited for food and will run right into my crate. If the humans aren’t quick enough I’ll run back out and back in, back out and back in…
At bed time and when the humans leave I usually need a little butt nudge or guidance with the leash to go in but settle no problem. I like my crate covered with a light sheet and get a cozy blanket inside along with a good chew toy and a stuffy to cuddle with.
Even when the humans are home we practice a routine of two hours in and one hour out of the crate so that I don’t associate crate time just with them leaving, and it gives me time to recharge for zoomies!
I do sometimes whine or bark for the first couple minutes, or when there’s a lot of commotion and feel left out. Best tip for continuing crate training is when I’m making a fuss don’t give in! Wait until I’ve settled for me to come out or I will associate me being loud with you letting me out! I will test you, don’t you doubt that!! The neighbours ratted me out to my foster parents that I like to start barking and howling sometimes throughout the day and get all the dogs in the house going! Likely a good idea I don’t move in to a condo or apartment or the neighbours may be upset with me!
I do still occasionally have some accidents in the crate when the humans are gone for work but I’m slowly getting better as I get older. Overnight I have no problem, but the humans usually take up the water around 830/9 out for a pee around 10 and then it’s sleepy time until about 6am.
For car rides I usually ride in the back with my leash secured my to a carabiner inside so I can’t wander all over the car and even when the trunk opens I’m secure. I can get into the back seat of the car by myself, but too short to hop into the trunk area by myself.
In the house I’m a pretty good girl! I do still have some accidents, but I’m figuring out the schedule. As you can guess I’m busy busy, but do settle and will crash on a dog bed once I’ve tired myself out (great time to put me in a crate for a nap)
For the first 30 days we followed the rule of leash on and in hand inside and outside the house in order to set a good base of what is acceptable and what’s not. We have continued with the leash on in the house to assist with the house training so when I start sniffing and circling the humans will get my attention and take me to the back yard for a bathroom break. Once I go they will tell me “good girl” and sometimes get a tasty treat!
We also have a decent routine for bathroom breaks- once we get up, 30-45 min after I eat, just before the humans leave for work, right when they get home, 30-45min after dinner, water up at 830/9 and just before bed between 9-10.
The leash on also comes in to play when I’m doing my very bad habit of jumping up on people and trying to get on to the counters. The humans can quickly interrupt the behaviour by stepping on the leash, or redirecting me. When it’s people and I’m super excited they will step on the leash and not let the people pet me until I’ve settled.
At home I live with 4 other dogs (yes, 4!) it can get pretty hectic around here but we all get along fairly well. I have my favourites and a token old guy that grumbles at me when I bug him too much. He kinda loves me secretly, he even lets me snuggle up with him sometimes! The other 3 are a bit younger and put up with my shenanigans of playing all the time, but put me in my place when I need to. Most of the time my foster parents will try to advocate for the other dogs before they feel they need to tell me off.
I haven’t met any cats, and have only spent a short amount of time with kids. I would say kids over 3+ would be best for me as I still have sharp 🦈 teeth, crazy for food and I’m a ton of work!
Well that’s me! If I sound like the right fit for your home, willing to put in the work to help build my confidence, and be proactive with my training you should fill out an application for me!


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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