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~1 Year Old Female Husky Mix 53 lbs

Need to know…
She is a fluffy and friendly girl who is learning to walk nicely on leash and that counter surfing isn’t allowed.

Vet Details

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The one, the only ⭐️⭐️ABBEY⭐️⭐️
Let me start by saying it is my pleasure to meet all of you 🤗 I am approximately 1 yr old female husky mix weighing in at 53lbs. I am a very lean looking young lady. I have been vaccinated, spayed and have my very own microchip. I was such a good girl at the vet, I didn’t fuss at all. I am so happy to be on the hunt for my forever home❤️ Foster mom is teaching me that I must sit and wait before I get to go in or out a door. When we go to the door if I try to go out before her she will quickly close the door and say “ no sit and wait “ we do not exit until I hear the word ok. I am not the biggest fan of sitting and waiting but with persistence I will do it, I am getting better at this every day. Progress right. Foster mom tells me I walk pretty good on the leash. Well until I see a squirrel and then oh boy hang on tight I just want to go go go. Foster mom with say firmly Abbey “ leave it” and she gives a slight tug on my leash. It does take me a couple of times to figure out what she is asking but I will catch on quickly. When I am walking beside her the way I should she tells me “ yes” or “ good girl” my ears perk right up. I do like to hear those words. If I do tend to wander she will do a 180 turn to get me to focus back on her and away we go. I have met a few people and let me say I love them all. I have quite the personality, I will sit and wait for you to pat me as I do love the attention but I must be sitting nicely before I meet anyone as foster mom says we must behave like a lady which I do I don’t jump up at all. This is why it is very important not to give me to much attention in the first 30 days so you can stop any unwanted behaviours should they arise. When I am done with the pats I will go grab a toy and lay down. 😀 I haven’t met any dogs on our walks so I am not sure how I would be meeting a strange dog on the street but we will keep you posted. I live with an older foster dog we met when foster mom made sure we were both calm and sitting nice before our introduction. He and I play very well together but he is like me in the sense that neither of us like another dog in our face so this is a win win. We both have this growl we do if the other is getting to close for comfort. This is dog language for that’s enough you’re in my space. This why having my leash in hand comes in handy so you can advocate for either of us if we need a break. My foster brother will let me play with all his toys and I will even let him come and take them back if he changes his mind 😂😂I don’t mind at all this is how dogs should play together. I think my favourite toy right now is the Kong bone I even toss it in the air from time to time. I have found the squeaky ball entertaining as well. I am learning the word “give” and will take my mouth off a toy so you can have it back. Isn’t that just wonderful. Stuffies are great but you must watch closely as being young I do like to pull in these a bit to much and we wouldn’t want me to swallow anything I shouldn’t would we. Of course not. Foster mom says this is mutual respect. We walk good together but we do this thing where we try to get ahead of each other. Foster mom uses the leash and does that 180 turn and then we both follow her the way we should beside her and not in front. Foster mom says it is very important for me to learn to walk properly as to keep everyone safe and out of harms way when walking on the road. The leash is the line of communication so I understand exactly what is expected of me. I am one smart girl and I am picking up on this quickly. When I am outside and have to do my business I will walk really fast to try to find that perfect spot 😂 ok sometimes 2 perfect spots 😂. If I need to go out I will whine a bit and head to the door to let you know that I need to go out. It is recommended to have me on leash inside and out of the house for the first 30 days so that if I show these signs of needing to go to the bathroom you can quickly get me out. I have had no accidents in my foster house since my arrival. Foster mom takes me out first thing in the morning, after my meals, after naps, during and after play time and training sessions and before bed. Right now we are doing 2 hrs in the crate and 2 hrs out when foster mom is home. This is teaching me that my crate is my happy place and I can sit back and relax in there and observe my surroundings. The only time I whine in my crate now is when you first close the door when you leave the house, and it is honestly for 10seconds. That’s it. I think I might be missing out on something but you must resist the urge to give into thIs as this can create unwanted behaviours down the road and I will quickly learn that whining will get me what I want. Foster mom will say in a firm voice Abbey “ enough” and that usually does it. I settle very quickly. I have a cover on my crate and a blanket inside with a hard Kong bone. I sleep all night in my crate not a peep. I go in at 11pm-6am sometimes I might not be ready for bed and try to put the brakes on foster mom gives a slight pull on the leash and I will head right in. I eat all my meals in my crate, foster mom leads me over to the crate says “crate” with a slight pull on the leash and I walk right in she tells me to sit and wait. I get so excited that my butt wiggles and it may take me a second but foster mom tell me that’s enough and I sit and wait for the magic word “ok” that means I can eat. It took me a few days to take my food in my crate I would just sit and stare at the bowl but foster mom assured me it was mine by saying “ it’s yours” and I dug right in. Yum yum. I haven’t tried to get to my bowl before that I will sit patiently. I guess being in a new house I just needed to realize that the food won’t run out. I used to eat very slow, now I just devour my food. It is so yummy I guess I just can’t resist 💕 When we are having our quiet time foster mom does this thing where she sits on my leash with just enough slack so I can lay down on the floor and learn to relax out of the crate. When I first come in from outside I am still a bit excited so this works great to help calm me down. I will lay down very quickly. I think I actually like thIs activity, otherwise I am pretty relaxed in the house I haven’t tried to jump on the furniture at all, I have my very own bed to lay down on and relax as well. It it so soft omg I just love it. When we were in the kitchen I have tried to get my nose close to the counter because all the food smells so good, foster mom said “ no “ and I backed right up like a good girl and sat down. This is why the leash in hand is always recommended to catch this type of behaviour and stop it before it becomes a habit. Foster mom keeps a good eye on me to make sure I don’t try to put my paws up on the counter either as that would be very rude of me. Balanced training would come in handy to really have me excel at being the best girl ever. I will sit and watch tv at night without fussing at all I even fall asleep sometimes on my comfy bed. I am a bit nervous getting into the car but foster mom leads me over to the door with leash in hand and says up, I put the brakes on but she will give a slight pull on the leash and say “ you’ve got this let’s go” and I will jump right in. Once in the car I am good I settle quickly and will either lay down or sit and watch out the window. Foster mom tries to take me on smaller trips to help be get used to the movement of the car. I do have the window open a bit for fresh air to help with this.🤗 Foster mom secures the leash in the door by putting a loop in the leash and closing it in the door this way I don’t get in your way while your driving this is also great so when we get to our destination she can have a good grip on my leash before opening the door. I haven’t tried to rush out but she will put her body in front of the door just in case I try to make a run for it. Safety first. I don’t live with any cats however I have seen them and due to my reaction of lunging and yelping excessively it would be highly recommended that I go to a home with NO CATS. Safety first, always. There are no kids in my foster home either so I don’t know how I would be with children. It is always recommended that children approach dogs calmly and supervised at all times to make sure everyone understands how to communicate in dog language. You wouldn’t want someone running up to you and scaring the wits out of you now would you. Of course not. For the first 30 days it is highly recommended to do the “ no talk, no touch rule” as giving me too much attention to quickly can lead to unwanted behaviour down the road and we want me to learn to be the best dog ever. I know it will be hard to do because I am so soft, fluffy and my big brown eyes will suck you in but together we can conquer this I know we can.🤗 I am one stunning young lady looking for my partner(s) for life.
I would like to send a thank you to Hayley Tweedy https://www.facebook.com/hayleytweedyphotography/ for the stunning photos she took of me. I do look quite beautiful if I do say so myself. Hope to hear from you soon. ABBEY is the name and finding my forever home is the aim ❤️Hope to hear from you soon.


It is the recommendation of FTH that every newly adopted dog remain on leash, both inside and out, for a minimum of 30 days. As most of our dogs are outdoor dogs and strays, this will help prevent dogs running away as they are adjusting to their new home. At the same time it will help start building the bond between you and the dog. Thank you!

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