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“When I first started applying to FTH I created a ‘laundry list’ of my ideal dog and applied for any dog that came close. After a couple frustrating months the Bee Litter was posted and as soon as I saw Nectar’s photo and read her bio, I knew she was the one. This calm, sweet, independent pup had every quality on my dream list, right down to the two different coloured eyes. This year has been quite eventful with completing my Master’s degree and landing my first permanent position, and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else but her by my side. My friends quite often joke that Nectar is me in dog form. Very friendly but cautious, extremely smart, fiercely independent, and maybe just a tad dramatic. She loves being outside but is also quite happy with the (occasional) lazy Sunday spent in bed watching Netflix. I still look at her everyday and can’t believe I got so lucky. Thank you Finding Them Homes for all that you do and for finding me my perfect match! She was definitely worth the wait.”



“I came across Finding Them Homes in my boyfriend and Is search for a rescue dog to adopt, we knew we wanted a rescue and had spent lots of time researching organizations. After joining the Facebook group I quickly realized how incredible this organization is. A passionate group of volunteers who dedicate unmeasurable amounts of time, energy and care to helping rescue and home these dogs.

I shortly after became a volunteer doing home visits and fundraising which has been the most rewarding experience that I plan to do for a very long time. We then finally found our forever pup and our experience with adopting her was amazing, from the adoptions team, to the home visit volunteer and of course the foster mom. We love our FTH pup and couldn’t be happier or more grateful to FTH team for their constant dedication to all the dogs they help!”


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