Trip to Constance Lake for Spay/Neuter Clinic


On Friday May 15, 2015 we set off at 6:15am to Constance Lake with Dr. Pauline Van Veen, Katrina and Lorna (our 2 vet techs), Julia, Carrie, Aileen and myself (Lisa). We arrived in Constance Lake at 3:30pm and wasted no time setting up as we had appointments booked that evening

cradling a dog

aileen gets a hug






At 5:00pm the dogs started arriving at the clinic provided to us by the band (the community hall). We worked Friday evening until 10:30pm spaying and neutering dogs. A couple dogs spent the night to recover and we stayed at Karen Metatawabin mother’s house and Dr. Van Veen and the vet techs stayed with Linda Chum, an amazing lady who lives in the community. She and her family provided us food for the weekend paid for by the band of Constance Lake.

Marie Josee from Herst Pet Finder was a fabulous assistant checking in all the dogs for us and ensuring they dropped off and picked up on time!








We spent Saturday and Sunday working until about 10:00pm and were exhausted each night but saw the worth this was making with the community. They were all so appreciative about what we were doing and we saw the love they had for their dogs.













We packed up Sunday night after Jassen, Karen’s husband, so kindly offered to drive to Thunder Bay to pick up 8 dogs for us.

recovery-palsOn Monday morning at 7:00am we hit the road back to Barrie with the 9 dogs as well as 7 pups surrendered and a 7 month old puppy also surrendered from Constance Lake. We arrived in Barrie at 5:00pm and all fosters were loaded up with supplies and their foster dog.



puppy-napsThis weekend was a huge success completing 42 spays and neuters as well as 3 check ups and each dog got a great grooming along with vaccines and Advantage application. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our donators! You are all the ones who make this possible for us to continue doing these clinics! Thank you so much.


Thank you