From the Board of Finding Them Homes

Just like a lot of you are no doubt doing, we’re also taking a (brief) moment to reflect on the year that’s just finished, before we plunge into the year ahead of us. While we feel we have a duty to share with you what’s happened at FTH, we feel even more strongly that you should also share the sense of accomplishment that all of you – supporters, donors, volunteers, cheerleaders – made possible in 2017.

There is a treasure trove of heartwarming stories that can be found throughout the many posts on the FTH Facebook pages, and also on the FTH website ( – stories of dogs needing and getting emergency vet care, being rescued from a very uncertain future, recovering from grave illnesses; of pregnant moms having litters in caring homes instead of in the wild; and of hundreds of dogs being united with their forever families. There are numerous stories of how rescued dogs have made such a huge difference in the lives of their forever families, and all of us feel blessed by that.

Sometimes numbers tell the story in a more dramatic fashion:
– by end 2016, forever homes had been found for 1,452 dogs – by end 2017, this number had increased by 450 to 1,902 !
– 4 northern communities (Fort Hope, Fort Severn, Kasabonika, Deer Lake) were directly helped through an FTH clinic
– through these clinics, 150 dogs were vaccinated and spayed or neutered, an additional 216 were vaccinated, and 58 were rescued directly by the clinic teams
– many other northern communities were helped by the hundreds of dogs that were rescued or surrendered; 
– in total, 464 dogs were rescued of which 365 came from the Kenora District (north of Thunder Bay)
– 31 trips were made by volunteers to transport rescued dogs from Thunder Bay, Timmins, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, New Liskeard and other communities bringing with them almost 250 rescues
– other people volunteered to bring 1-2 dogs at a time with them on their journey down from these communities

Among the good news, however, there was also some sad news as we lost some dogs who were still with fosters, and some FTH alumni who had found a forever home also passed away (see And, through no fault of their own, 29 previously-adopted dogs were returned to FTH in 2017. However, we’re very happy to report that all of these dogs have since found their forever home.

And what made all this possible ? You – our many dedicated supporters – who share our passion to help dogs in need find a forever home. You donated your time, your skills, and your money. You gave one of these dogs a forever home, you opened your home to foster one or more rescued dogs, you attended one of our fundraising events, you contributed items for the garage sale and/or auction, you purchased some FTH swag, you drove for FTH, you gave a generous donation … and so many other ways.

A lot of work remains ahead of us in the new year. Already planning is well underway for a vet clinic in February, and for other remote communities to help them manage the dog over-population. There remain many dogs in need of rescue. But, just before we all start to tackle the challenges 2018 will bring, we’ll stop for a moment and be thankful for all that was accomplished in 2017.

We wish you all a Happy New Year !

And from all of us at Finding Them Homes to all of you and your furry family members, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season, Merry Christmas, and all the best in 2018!

From all of us at FTH, thank you for supporting our shared mission!