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Blue Monday Who?

Blue Monday – one of the most dreaded days of the year. As if Mondays weren’t already bad enough, holiday bills are rolling in, it’s getting dark again by the time the sun is done coming up, and it’s so cold we’ve forgotten what our toes feel like.


Fortunately, there’s a cure for that: puppy cuddles!

On January 21st, Finding Them Homes volunteers ventured out with some of our pups on a frosty morning to visit the Midland Library. People of all ages forgot all about their wintertime woes as they snuggled up to some of our most adoptable dogs.

Because many of our events are centered around getting dogs adopted (Meet & Greets), or staying in touch with the dogs we’ve already found furever homes for (pack walks and reunions), we don’t always get a lot of opportunities to connect with people who aren’t actively looking to adopt. This event gave us a chance to connect with anyone who happened to walk by, allowing us to share our history and mission with even more amazing people.

The cherry on top was easily all of the previous FTH adopters who made the trip out to show their support. We LOVE how all of you stay in touch!

A massive thank you to our gracious hosts at the Midland Library, for CTV news for running a segment, for all of the volunteers who participated, and of course to our amazing pups whose top-notch love-ability made Blue Monday 2019 memorable for all the right reasons.

CTV News Clip Here!!