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Community Rescues Success Stories

Microchips and Dog Nail Clips

Microchips and Dog Nail Clips Barrie Veterinary Hospital’s staff (led by Pauline, Katrina and Ashley) graciously provided their expertise by providing microchip and nail clipping services in order to raise funds for Finding Them Homes. Microchipping your pet is a crucial part of keeping your pet safe. In the event you and your pet ever [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • August 23, 2016
Community Rescues Success Stories

Rescue Trip to Thunder Bay Anyone?

Rescue Trip to Thunder Bay Anyone? What started as an off-hand comment about doing a rescue trip to Thunder Bay, since drivers hadn’t been found yet, quickly turned into reality for me recently. On Monday afternoon (July 18) I left home in North Augusta for the 4-hour trek to Barrie. Faced with a 14-hour drive [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • July 27, 2016
table full of baked goods at the garage sale
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2016 Garage Sale a Tremendous Success

2016 Garage Sale a Tremendous Success - Were You There? On Saturday, June 18th Finding Them Homes hosted their 3rd annual garage sale to raise funds. As with all of our events, the garage sale was 100% volunteer run. We had some very notable guests show up including Kool FM, the Skelton team, and, of [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • July 9, 2016
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Thunder Bay Rescue

Thunder Bay Rescue Last month, 22 dogs (including pregnant females) were transported South by 4 amazing volunteers. Lisa DeRoy and Jennifer Caceres spent May 9th and 10th transporting 14 dogs, and from 14-15 May Shari Macleod and Jason Ringwood transported another 8 dogs South. Beyond the incredible feat of transporting so many dogs, these volunteers [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • June 7, 2016

Talented Photographers Help Out

Talented Photographers Help Out A few months ago we put the call out (as we so often do) for volunteers. But this time we needed kindhearted, talented individuals with a specific talent: we were searching for photographers. To say the Finding Them Homes family rose to the challenge would be an understatement. Six!! hugely talented photographers [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • May 12, 2016

Furry Valentines

Furry Valentines Some people spend the (commercially appointed) most romantic day of the year eating chocolate covered strawberries, sipping champagne on beds of rose petals, revelling in the magic of love. ...And then there’s the Finding Them Homes volunteer team. 10 dedicated volunteers including founders Lisa and Jules De Zoete, vet Pauline van Veen, techs [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • March 3, 2016
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Weston Road Pet Valu Meet & Greet

Weston Road Pet Valu Meet & Greet Perhaps you are wondering why we have so many Meet & Greets – a fair question, since these appear on our blog more often than any other event. Meet & Greets are important because they are where we are able to connect with you; our adopters, fosters, and [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • February 27, 2016
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Tel-us How Much You Care!

Tel-us How Much You Care! On January 21st, Telus employees Ashley and AJ hosted a wildly successful bake sale to benefit Finding Them Homes. They raised $817.85 for the rescue, and collected 3 bags of donated dog food! We would be remiss if we did not also thank Back Lane Woodcrafts for the dog bowl [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • February 27, 2016