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Check out what Finding Them Homes has been up to!

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Did Someone Say Bannock?

Did Someone Say Bannock? Back in October, we talked about the difficulties Northern communities experience trying to access vet care, and how this affects the overpopulation of dogs. This remains an uphill battle because of just how isolated these communities are; in fact, many are only accessible by small aircraft. For this reason, Dr Pauline [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • December 7, 2017
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You’ve GOT to be Inking me!

You’ve GOT to be Inking me! It’s no secret that we pretty much can’t contain our excitement when local businesses get involved in our fundraising efforts. With their help, we are able to offer fundraising opportunities that wouldn’t be possible any other way. Today’s local business shout-out goes to the women of Ruby Tattoo Studio [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • October 27, 2017
Community Events Fundraisers Rescues Success Stories Volunteers

Thanksgiving Voyages

Thanksgiving Voyages When we set out to help control Northern dog populations, we knew that simply rehoming them further South was only a Band-Aid to a greater problem; without access to vet care, even the most well-intentioned owners simply don’t have the opportunity to spay and neuter their pets. This results in unwanted litters and [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • October 27, 2017
Community Events Fundraisers Rescues Success Stories Volunteers

FTH Celebrates Half a Decade

FTH Celebrates Half a Decade And it only gets better from here! It wouldn’t be an FTH reunion without our annual group photo. We can’t get over how much bigger our family grows every year! On September 16, 2017, the FTH family got together to celebrate our 5th Annual FTH Reunion. Our reunion is an [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • September 22, 2017
Community Events

FTH Pups – Future Talent of Hollywood?

FTH Pups – Future Talent of Hollywood? See what I did there? Once upon a time, just a few short years ago, we were simply a small group of friends trying to rescue and rehome Northern dogs. No one could have guessed that this mission would have found us on a celebrity-laden guest list one [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • September 19, 2017
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Did someone say bath time?!?

BATH TIME On August 19th, Thee Place for Paws (owned by Sandy Berube and Shawn) hosted a dog wash where all proceeds raised were donated to Finding Them Homes.  With the help of Jennifer Caceres, Hailley Caceres, and Sarah Fullerton, 31 dogs were scrubbed fluffy. Nail grooming services were also available – for guests of the canine variety. Sarah [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • August 28, 2017
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Star Struck

Star Struck Finding Them Homes has had a busy week!! On Sunday June 18th, we had the opportunity to bring the Sports Car Litter to the Much Music Video Awards, where we found out that celebrities are just as obsessed with puppy cuddles as the rest of us. Lisa and Julia Dezoete, and Aileen Jenkins, were our 2-legged FTH [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • June 23, 2017
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FTH Annual Garage Sale

FTH Annual Garage Sale June 17th was not just any average Saturday. June 17th was the day of FTH’s 4th annual garage sale, and thanks to our amazing supporters, it was bigger and better than ever before! Friday night, volunteers started setting up shop at St. Peter’s high school parking lot, where eager shoppers decided [...]
by Kristy Groskopf • June 23, 2017