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Rescues Success Stories

Smokey’s Big Journey

Smokey’s Rescue Smokey is a 2 year old “northern designer dog” weighing all of 25 lbs ! He was a fostered, and kept isolated from other dogs for the required period, in Thunder Bay by Mark Huver on behalf of Finding Them Homes – James Bay Pawsitive Rescue. Volunteer pilot Adrian from Pilots ‘n Paws […]

by Kristy Groskopf • April 14, 2015
Success Stories

Piggy Bank Donation

The Piggy Bank Guy This little guy was so happy to adopt Prada (now called Piper) that he donated all the money in his Piggy Bank to help us help more dogs! THANK YOU

by Kristy Groskopf • March 27, 2015

Telus Employees Help Finding Them Homes

Telus Employees Help Finding Them Homes A HUGE thank you to Telus and all the enployees at Telus and especially Ashley and AJ Cerswell for organizing this all for us! They raised $861 and collected many donations!

by Kristy Groskopf • March 27, 2015
Success Stories

Amazing Supporters Save a Life

Amazing Supporters Save a Life Volunteers with Finding Them Homes had a planned trip up to Thunder Bay after hearing that a number of dogs needed to come south from their remote communities. They were also notified of an injured female dog that was found by a couple out for a drive one day in […]

by Kristy Groskopf • March 27, 2015

Finding Them Homes helps out Thunder Bay

Finding Them Homes helps out Thunder Bay Finding Them Homes was contacted by Darlene Vezina who helps get dogs out of northern communities around Thunder Bay to see if we could help a pregnant dog, Pinky. After finding a foster home we needed to figure out how to get her down ASAP before she had […]

by Kristy Groskopf • March 26, 2015

Girls Use Allowance to Donate Food

We were visited by two amazing young girls recently. Maddisun and Laylla used their allowance to buy some food to help feed our foster dogs. What a great surprise it was to see their smiling faces at our door. They are an inspiration to their generation and a sign that the next generation will continue to […]

by Kristy Groskopf • March 8, 2015

Ruff Haus Contributes to Finding Them Homes

Last night Ruff Haus in Barrie held a puppy social night and raised money for a rescue and they picked our rescue!!!!! Here are some donations they collected as well! They raised $140 to help our rescue! Thank you so much for thinking of our rescue.

by Kristy Groskopf • March 7, 2015
Rescues Success Stories

February 2015 Spay/Neuter Clinic

February 2015 Spay/Neuter Clinic The Trip North Friday February 13 we set out on our journey, vehicles jammed to the roof full of supplies, heading up to Cochrane where we would spend the night.  The weather was good until about North Bay, then came the blowing snow and white out conditions. We made it to […]

by Kristy Groskopf • March 1, 2015