Since its founding, Finding Them Homes’ primary mission has been and continues to be rescuing dogs from remote northern communities, that are stray or have been abandoned or have been surrendered, and giving them a second chance at life in a loving forever home. We rejoice each time one of these precious animals is matched up to its forever home and we always celebrate that event with a photo of the adopters with their new furbaby.

But the story doesn’t end there. We love to see how these rescues are thriving in their new homes and how not only their lives are changed but also the lives of their adopters. So when we hear that one of these FTH rescues has passed away, we grieve alongside the adopters. In one way or another, we all know the deeply-felt pain that the passing of a beloved animal causes.

Therefore we want to dedicate this page to FTH adoptees that have passed away, and provide a place where their adopters, and all of us, can pay tribute to them. We will not forget the joy they brought us all.

If you have a FTH rescue that has passed away and would like to honour them here, please send your favourite photo of them along with a sentence or 2 of tribute if you like, as well as the date of passing, to [email protected]