A Labour of Love – Puppy Love, that is

This past spring some of our volunteers noticed a group of dogs running wild on an island just outside of Fort Albany, Ontario on the James Bay Coast. Included in their group was at least a couple of pregnant or nursing females. As this was when the ice was beginning to melt and the water was starting to open up they were concerned for the safety of the puppies as the access to much needed food would be closed off from the island without the use of the ice to travel across.

Food was laid out in an accessible location for the dogs while a posse of volunteers was gathered up to scour the island in hopes that they could find the puppies and perhaps befriend some of the females. When the time was right they gathered their gear and headed to the island.

Searching For the Puppy Dens

Searching for the Dens

After many, many hours of searching, just when they were ready to give up for the day, they heard the unmistakable sound of yelping puppies. They had found the den hidden away in an area very difficult to access. The smallest women in the group were called upon to crawl towards the den to see what was there.

Crawling into the Den

Crawling into the Den

After all the effort they were rewarded with three litters of puppies. Two were old enough to be transported and one would be left to be fed by the mother for a few more weeks yet.



Puppy in the DenDen Puppies

Den puppies having a bath

Den Puppies Having a ‘Bath’









The puppies that were ready were packed into knapsacks and bins to be brought to the mainland and checked over, fed, cleaned up and socialized while homes were found for them. A supply of food was left for the mothers with a vow that more would be offered until perhaps some of the dogs became less timid and approached the volunteers.

Thanks to the efforts of many, many people from the rescue, the socializing and quarantines, the transporters, the co-ordinators and the adopted families, all of the puppies are safe and healthy and in new forever homes. One of the Mommies was also brought down south and has found the perfect family. Feel free to visit the Available page to see all the amazing dogs looking for a home.