Shimmer Finding Them Homes Adopts 600th Dog!

Klik aka Shimmer, came to our rescue after being found in a ditch in Sandy Lake.

She was flown to the vet in Thunder Bay and was found to have multiple pelvic fractures. Crate rest and meds were the order. The next day her breathing changed and it was found that her bowels were up in her diaphragm. It was decided that she would have immediate surgery and a fundraising effort was started.

Shimmer in the hospital with her pretty pink bandageWith the help of many, we were able to raise over $3000 towards her surgery. She had her surgery on March 17th and after a successful surgery went to stay at a foster in Thunder Bay. She had over 50 staples! When she was ready she was brought down to Barrie which was just this past weekend. Her human foster sister wanted to call her Shimmer. She even made her a cute get well soon sign for her back when she had her surgery.


Shimmer getting a cuddle from her new momDuring this time a lady named Judie Schramm found out about Klik. She came across Klik’s story due to her niece being the vet tech at Aileen’s vet office. So she began following Klick’s story since the beginning and put in her application the moment she was up for adoption.

Fate brought these two together and it is with great joy that we announce that Shimmer has been adopted. Not only has she been adopted but she is the 600th dog to be adopted through Finding Them Homes!

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful story and for the well wishes. We made it home with someone on my lap most of the way. Yes I know its not a good thing but just this once!! She was perfect in the ride from Barrie to KW and has settled in all ready. I was captured by those sad eyes the moment I first laid eyes on the picture of her in the back seat prior to surgery and now she has completely stolen my heart. Thank you to everyone from the vet in TBay and Barrie, the foster Moms, Aileen, Lisa and Jules for bringing me the best pup I could have ever wanted and a special thank you to a young lady that took such good care of Gracie and tonight whispered to her that this was her forever home and that her new Mommy would love her till the end of time. Keira you are a superstar, whatever you said made her relax . I am so glad the owners released her to be looked after and I cannot forget the heroes that found her lying in a ditch and started this journey of her and I together. Mom and soon to be spoiled pup. Thank you so much.”

– from Judie and Gracie,  May 1, 2015